Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th Gotcha anniversary, Dariya!

Four years ago today we were able to whisk this sweet girl out of her orphanage forever.   Our lives continue to be blessed by her sweet spirit.

It is so amazing to look back on her life.

From the girl who didn't know how to open a book at 3 1/2 to the girl who is reading and loving books on grade level.

From the girl who didn't know what a family was to the girl who gets up every.single.morning and hugs each family member and says,  "Good morning, insert person's name."

From the girl who preferred to sit and play alone to the girl who is talking about and playing with friends independently.

From the girl who had never heard of Jesus to the girl who asks to pray every day and is excited for church, JAM and VBS.

From the girl who never attended school to the girl who LOVES going to school and loves her teachers and friends.

From the girl who wouldn't accept comfort and love to the girl who willingly asks for hugs, snuggles and comfort when hurting.

It is fun to continue to watch her soar.  She is like that caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. Each day she opens her wings just a tad bit more in order to fly higher.

We celebrate everyday we have together but today, we will enjoy a little extra celebration.

We love you Dariya and are so glad God brought you into our family.

For those of us who have followed her journey, we still have contact with Dariya's birth dad, Sasha. He is now remarried and enjoys all the pictures and videos that we share with him.