Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesus loves me

Dariya's absolutely loves the song Jesus loves me and asks for it numerous times a day.

How cute is she?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Story time success

Alayna is singing and dancing right along 
This week the girls and I ventured out to take in their first story time at one of our fabulous local libraries.  Before we went we talked about what we would be doing at the library.  We have gone several times to play and check out books so I wanted to make sure it was clear on why we were going (seems to save on melt downs when we ALL know what the expectation is).  

We talked about having to walk in the building holding my hands because we are BIG girls, the music and dancing, the sitting and quietly listening and how they were such BIG girls to be able to participate in preschool story time.

Of course, we prayed together before we began this journey if not for their behavior then for my sense of peace that I wouldn't be chasing two crazy girls around the library or the parking lot.

Well, God and the girls came through BIG TIME!

They walked in holding my hands. They took of their jackets and made themselves right at home. The story time lasted 45 minutes and at the end of each book the librarian had a cd with finger plays that she had the kids get up and dance.   She kept watching the girls as they were dancing along and smiling away.

Both girls  far outdid my expectations (and I have pretty high expectations).

You would have thought Alayna had been to story time each week for a year as she was singing, dancing, participating, sitting and listening when appropriate the whole time.  We had never done any of the songs before but, the girls joined right in without missing a step.

Dariya did very well too.  She walked in and plopped herself down by the first 4 preschoolers she saw sitting at the front of the room and stayed there for about half of the time, participating and listening well.  Then about 25 minutes in she decided to wander around the room a bit then sit down closer to the back with a good library book and read quietly to herself.  I was super proud of how long she sat and stayed focused.

Super proud of my big girls.  Story time will be a regular addition to our schedule.

Story time success.
We waited paitently at the end of the line  mob of preschoolers to get our hand stamped.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Priceless Pottery

When Aidan was born I took him to a local pottery place to have a plate made with his footprints.  When Alayna was born we did the same thing and made another larger plate with both their prints on it for them to use on their birthdays.

As Dariya's birthday came a couple weeks ago, Aidan was very concerned that Dariya wasn't on the "birthday plate" and how was she going to eat her cake and ice cream?  

In all our "bringing our girl home celebration" I hadn't given one thought to this special momento that I had done for each of her siblings but, had unintentionally forgotten to do for Dariya.

I was very thankful Aidan brought it to my attention.   

Then my dilemma was HOW do we go to the pottery place and paint Dariya's feet?  Dariya does NOT like anyone unfamiliar touching her feet, check out our shoe fiasco if you don't believe me.  We envisioned a bull in a china shop.

I truly was in a quandry about how to accomplish our plate making until I looked up and saw the beautiful plate my friend, Nancy made for me that hangs in my kitchen with one of my favorite scriptures on it.  I contacted her and she told me how she had done it and that she even had left over paints that we could borrow (she forgot to mention how much work it is and is to kind too tell me that my artwork would never stand up next to hers;). 

Nonetheless, over the weekend Jason went to Walmart and bought a large plate and a platter.  We chose paints and experimented with Aidan first so we wouldn't have to traumatize the girls too much.  Thankfully all went well.
Alayna loved it and at first Dariya wasn't too thrilled with the painting her feet but, she relaxed after a couple seconds and let us do it with ease.  (sorry it was all hands on deck so no pictures of the actual feet painting)

I am not sure my kids will love these plates when they get older but, I thought they turned out well and as a mom I love to see their little piggies up on my wall and will cherish them always.

They are priceless pottery to me...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Follow up hearing

The day started out so well until......

we got to the audiologists and Dariya didn't want to have anything to do with the equipment nor the two sweet ladies trying their best to entertain  her to make her be more cooperative and to get good hearing results.

Dariya did allow them to do the sound booth test.  She responded well even to voice at a very low tones on both sides however, this test can only test her total hearing and response it can't pinpoint each ear nor tell us if there is any problems in one ear.

After the sound booth they tried to do the test with the probe in her ear and after about 15 minutes of fighting her we gave up.  We couldn't even get a response from her right ear in which we know has passed this same test just Friday.  She has to be still and quiet for this test, two things she was refusing to be today!

The conclusion of this audiologist is that she is hearing well overall, making great strides in language development and speech and is able to detect sounds with both ears at a minimal level.
Therefore, she is not overly concerned with her hearing.  She was honest in saying that she can't rule out hearing loss in her left ear until we get a good test on her.

She also stated that if Dariya had fluid behind her ears for a long time while she was in Ukraine (which she probably did) then it might take a while for her brain to recognize the signals that her left ear is sending her now that she has tubes and the eardrum is vibrating.   So waiting a few months to give her ears and brain a little more development time might help the situation.

We will proceed as usual and retest in 3 months and pray for someone to be cooperative.

Thanks for the prayers, we appreciate them all.

Good thing she is CUTE!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Funny footwear fiasco

Monday morning Aidan had an 8am orthodontist appointment (his teeth are looking fantastic by the way).

I got Alayna all ready for school besides her socks and shoes which left Jason to get Dariya ready and put Alayna's footwear on and put the girls on the bus.

Notice anything out of place?

Could it be Alayna's shoe that she conveniently took off and placed in the doll house?

Unfortunately, daddy didn't notice and put her on the bus with one shoe.    This on the ONLY day we have had snow here this year.

No worries Alayna was happy as a clam to take off her other shoe and sure steps and walk around school in her socks.

Daddy was embarrassed but Alayna thought it was hilarious.  She told me right where that shoe was when she arrived home.

Best part was when we arrived at parent teacher conferences Wednesday night the team had set the table up with a doll with only one shoe on in Jason's seat, they just happened to have the exact same doll house so  they put the other shoe in the exact same place you see Alayna's in the picture above.  I was laughing so hard.  We love our early childhood team, they are not only fantastic with our girls they are a hoot besides.

On a totally unrelated, not funny note (yes, I am that kind of lazy blogger to lump these into one post) Today was Dariya's 3 month follow up with the ENT. After her tubes were placed in November her hearing in her right ear was within the normal range however, her left ear was not registering. She wasn't very cooperative so we waited a few months to retest hoping that we would have positive results (both in her attitude and her hearing).

Unfortunately, her tolerance for hearing testing was a tad better than in November but, not great.  Her right ear again is hearing well while her left ear still is getting the same lack of results. We are now scheduled for a consultation and further evaluation with an audiologist to access her hearing loss, if any in the left ear.

Thankfully they had a cancellation for Monday. As the kids are all out of school anyway this was perfect. Praying that they get a good test completed, that she is cooperative and that she is hearing fine in the left ear.

We would love your prayers on this for her.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovin' the growth...

Nothing says I love you like a doctor's visit, a shot and a blood draw right?

Of course, I am THAT mom who scheduled Dariya's 4 year check up for Valentine's Day (without realizing it).  The same mom who scheduled her son's orthodontist AND dentist appointment this same week AND Dariya's ENT follow up, tube and hearing check.  Seriously, what was I thinking?

Dariya did really well at her appointment (not a tear for her shot but oh the screaming and crying for being held down for the blood draw) and has grown by leaps and bounds.
She is now 35 pounds and 36 inches.
That is a gain of 6 pounds and 3 inches since coming home 7 months ago.

Nothing says love like a happy, healthy preschooler!  She continues to excel and show us just how smart she is each day.  Our pediatrician was so entranced with the girls she didn't want to move on to her next patient.  She is so happy that we brought Dariya home, she has seen first hand the amazing transformation that can happen when orphans are given a chance.

We showered the kids with hugs and smooches and hopefully enough chocolate to make up for the error of my ways.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Say it ain't sew

Just because a really nice Bernina lives in my basement (it's my mothers) does not mean I am good at sewing.  However, I saw a fellow blogger post about making cute leg warmers for her daughter that were very easy and inexpensive so I thought I would give it a try.

I used this blog for directions.

I bought cute knee high socks on sale at Target,4 pair for $7.  That is way cheaper than ONE pair of babylegs.

After figuring out how to thread the machine (it only took me one try mom, you would be so proud). I quickly  got the hang of it and created these....

Alayna was super excited to model them (her sister was NOT!)  Excuse the bedhead she just woke up from her nap!

I guess the sewing lessons my mother tortured me with provided me as a young girl finally paid off. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Never too crowded for you...

"Come on sis, there is plenty of room"

Never too crowded to share with your sister! ♥

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy 4th birthday Dariya

God brought you into our family in the most amazing of ways.
A ray of sunshine at the end of Reece's rainbow to brighten our days.

Every tiny detail, He knew and captured them all~
and blessed us with your beautiful life, even knowing our shortfalls.

No gift I can give you can ever repay ~
the beautiful blessing that the Lord has given us this day.

As we celebrate the day of your birth~
we will love you, cherish you and show you your worth.

You are precious and sweet, silly and smart,
and have snuggled your way right into my heart.

Happy birthday Dariya Joelle!
I couldn't love you more if I tried~
You are worth all the miles, prayers and tears that I cried.

May you be filled with joy, peace and love~
and follow God's path that has been given from above.

Happy 4th birthday my sweet angel, 
I am so glad you are home.
I love you,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flight Platform Living: Music for Bobby! Please Re-Post!

Jane George, another amazing English person with the heart for orphans is soon traveling to an institution in Ukraine and is raising money to provide musical instruments, art supplies and diapers for the children there.  Many children in this institution are listed on Reece's Rainbow.

Will you be the voice of hope for these kids and help Jane reach her goal?

Read her post here:  Please pray for her journey, her funding and for the children and pass this information on.

Flight Platform Living: Music for Bobby! Please Re-Post!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fabulous fun with daddy

Warning Disclosure:  
Do not attempt these tricks at home,  
the following are not actors but stunt professionals, 
no toddlers or husbands were hurt in any of the following antics.  

However, much laughter, fun and silliness was caused....

Daddy and his high flying girls!

I am sure there is an opening at the circus where my family would fit in perfectly ;)

We know how to have some fun don't we?

Say Uncle Dariya, say uncle!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Brothers are the best

Whether it is helping the girls learn, 

playing with them, 

making the girls laugh
or just enduring being surrounded by little sisters ALL.THE.TIME,

 we think Aidan wins the award for 

Best Big Brother.EVER!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Enjoying the weather

The weather here has been in the 60's, crazy warm for this time of the year.  We put on our jackets and headed out to the backyard to do therapy  play  get totally worn out so everyone was sure to take a nap!

Our backyard has a terrible slope towards our house but, I choose to make lemonade out of lemons =)

It is a great PT workout for the girls.  

They have to work on balance, strengthening and endurance.  When Alayna was younger she couldn't make it up and down this small hill on her own.  It is always fun to see how far they have developed.

Dariya LOVES to run up and down the hill.  Alayna isn't as keen on it so I throw in some play like ball chasing, running and coloring on the fence and Alayna joins right in to participate.   Our dog, Ellie even helps out with the girls throwing her tennis ball for her.

While distracted with playing I can get Alayna to balance, squat and pick up a ball and throw it to me, strengthening her core muscles and her legs even more.

Vertical coloring on the fence is great for shoulder strengthening which will improve the girls writing.  It is also way more interesting than doing a worksheet sitting at our kitchen table.  

I threw in the shapes for them to color which is a fun way to review their shapes.  

Alayna is starting to get the leg pumping action on the big girl swings!  

Can't wait for spring if this is winter!  

Happy playing and happy napping ;)!