Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yearly Conference & Evaluation Update

This morning Grandma came to hang out with Aidan (thank you Grandma) while Jason, Alayna & I headed to IDC for Alayna's annual evaluation and conference to set her goals for the upcoming year.

We know Alayna is awesome and doing really well but, I definitely was a little anxious to hear what the committee had to say about her. It was a little strange to be on the parent side of this kind of conference as I have always been the presenter of information as a special education teacher, administrator and even as an advocate for other kids.

Thankfully my anxiety went away quickly and the evaluation and following conference weren't too bad.

Overall, Alayna's gross motor and fine motor skills are on track at the 6 month level (she has to master sitting before she jumps up to the 7 month level and beyond.)

They also evaluated her speech/language skills which are at the 8th month level for receptive language (ability to process, comprehend, or integrate spoken language. Simply put, being able to understand what someone says to you) and 4th month for expressive (putting words together to form thoughts or express one's self).

She is talking a lot (and singing...that yummy thumby song is one of her best!) but not babbling consonants together yet like bababa, dadada therefore the discrepancy. The speech language person who did the evaluation was not concerned with the discrepancy instead she was very complimentary of Alayna's social interactions, talking, and lip closure.

Overall, we felt like their assessment of Alayna was on target and the goals that were set will continue to move her forward. We will continue to work on transitions (getting in and out of sitting, pulling up etc.), reaching for toys, and meeting other developmental milestones over the next year.

We will begin our new baby class on Monday afternoons instead of Wednesdays. It will be so nice to have Alayna in a group with kids who are closer to her age. Thank you God for that answered prayer!

We will continue our weekly individual PT sessions with Erin every Thursday. This also works out well because Alayna was worn out some Thursdays from all the work she had done in Wednesday's baby class so didn't have much to give poor Erin. Also, Alayna's OT will still visit us at home twice a month to help keep us on track.

New cute thing this week...she now looks at you raises one eyebrow then smiles. Where did all this cuteness come from?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If you need us this summer...check for us at the pool!

We spent the afternoon at Splash Cove and had a great time. Alayna loved the wave pool even when the waves splashed her in the face. I think my children could just grow fins and live in the water all summer.

Brace yourself here comes another wave...

AHH! I don't even know what chlorine is
but look what it has done to my hair!!!

Seriously, is it getting better?
I can't go to church tomorrow
like this...
Mom, quick put me in the bath...

OK, I will hold my breath until I am bathed and beautiful once again...

(OK she wasn't really holding her breath I just caught it and couldn't help but to share her silly little expression! Oh she is so cute, I just could eat her up! YUMMY!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well child check up

Aidan had his 6 year well child check up today. He is a whopping 51 pounds. He is over 75% for height and weight. He is super healthy and doing well. The best thing about 6 year checkups...NO SHOTS! Aidan remembered that from his 5 year check up he is already counting down the years until he is 11 and has to have shots again.

Our little sweet pea got weighed while we were there too...She is topping the scales at 15 pounds and 24 inches long. In under 6 weeks she has gained a pound and a half and one inch. Wowee! I knew she had a growth jump a week or so ago. That puts her about 20% for height and 70% for weight.

Today is the last day of school so Alayna and I are picking Aidan up as my tenderhearted boy is SO worried that he is going to cry when he hugs his teacher goodbye that he doesn't want to ride the bus (he is sure the kids will make fun of him. Bless him, he is sweet.

(later that day...) we picked Aidan up after field day. He was so brave he hugged Mrs. Gordon goodbye and didn't shed a tear. Of course she and I cried a few for him as we said our goodbyes. She has been a huge support to our family this year. We love you and will miss you Mrs. Gordon! We are already praying that his 1st grade teacher is as great. Aidan is already praying that Alayna will also have Mrs. Gordon!

Aidan's favorite thing about field day was launching a chicken. I am not sure what that was all about and sorry that I didn't get there earlier to get a picture of it...
Have a great and safe Memorial weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kindergarten celebration

Today started at 4 am (No pictures needed, I am not a pretty lady at 4 am)...not with Aidan or Alayna but rather my sneaky husband pulled some strings at work and was able to go into work at 4:45 for preload shift so that he could be home early to come to Aidan's kindergarten music program.

Aidan was SO excited when he got up this morning, he has been practicing his songs and choreography for several weeks. He quickly put 2 and 2 together (can't keep anything secret from that smart cookie) that Jason was working early to come home early for him. He was elated.

Grandma, Pop Pop, Jason, Alayna and I all attended the program. It was so adorable. The kids were all so cute. They sang: The wheels on the bus, This old man, Old MacDonald, 6 Little Ducks, and Down by the Bay. They had super cute choreography to go with it.
I got it all on video and plenty of pictures if you ever want to come over to our house to see. (Don't want to post other kids photos without their permission).

Alayna and I skipped baby class today as it conflicted with Aidan's program.

However, Magen, Alayna's home OT came yesterday and Alayna gave a good showing even though she had JUST fallen asleep 15 minutes before Magen arrived. We will continue to work on Alayna pivoting to find toys, sitting and reaching with her left arm (she definitely is right arm dominant).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time outside

The weather here in Shawnee has been really nice this past week. We have taken advantage of the nice weather by getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

Jason was home early the other night and stopped to buy his little princess a pink swing. Needless to say she LOVES it. She and Aidan have spent much time outside swinging together.

This weekend we have had a really nice time together....Jason went paint-balling with the men's group from church so Aidan, Alayna and I hung out around the house and played all morning.

You ARE going to share your blanket aren't you big brother?

We enjoyed Saturday afternoon with friends at their bar-b-que. Aidan was having so much fun he didn't want to come home and we ate so much we could hardly roll home. Brian is one great chef!

Today we went to church then after lunch headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead with Aunt Elise, Grace & Rayne.

It was a beautiful day and all the kids had a super fun time.

Alayna liked the sheep and goats but really LOVED the cows. She talked to them and blew raspberries to them. Needless to say the cows weren't too impressed.

Aidan, of course, loved the stinky bison and riding the tractors!

This week is Aidan' final week of kindergarten and a busy one it will be. We have a play date tomorrow with another family from the DSG, they have a 3 year old daughter that has down syndrome and a 5 year old boy. Aidan thinks it is pretty cool that he now has a friend whose sister also has down syndrome (he has been craving a friend that is in the same boat as him). Tuesday - Alayna will see her home occupational therapist again. Wednesday - Alayna and I are going to play hooky from baby class to go to Aidan's music program. He is singing 5 songs and has been practicing long and hard to get all the words and moves just right. Thursday we will go to pt again and finally Friday is Aidan's field day. Wow after this week we will all need a summer vacation!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Food, food I love food

So far Alayna loves every cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and peaches. She made some funny sour faces for applesauce and pears but ate them too.
She definitely has our family's appetite for food (if you have ever seen Jason and Aidan eat you KNOW what I am talking about). Oh my grocery bill just keeps rising...
She has gone through a huge growth spurt in the last week, sleeping 3-4 hour naps besides all night and eating everything that isn't tied down.
She will have her weight checked when we take Aidan in for his 6 year well child check up. Our guess is she is up to nearly 15 pounds now and I know she has gained in length again! Those size 2 diapers are nearly a thing of the past (even though they say up to 18 pounds) . She can still wear a few 3-6 month outfits but she is mainly on 6-9 month clothes now. Hooray she finally caught up!
She continues to be on the move...when you hold her she always wants to turn around and see what EVERYBODY is doing. She isn't about to miss any of the action (especially when Aidan is in the room).
In baby class yesterday the parents got to have a parents group and volunteers kept the babies and took them through the hour and a half of music, pt, and ot. (Thanks volunteers). Alayna was putting her knees up under her again and scooting forward. I know it is only a matter of time until she is totally on the move on her own. WOW they grow up fast!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day recap

I had a wonderful Mother's Day... Both kids slept in (which hardly ever happens in our house). Aidan woke up at 8:10 and I had to wake Alayna at 8:20 so we could get to church on time...YAHOO! We had taken the kids to get their pictures made on Saturday for my Mother's Day gift! Besides the 3 wonderful cards Aidan made for me. He made this beautiful flower garden for me with sparkly flower petals. Very nice.

After church we stayed around the house and played games with Aidan while Alayna napped. Aidan even "cooked" me lunch, yep you guessed it...peanut butter and banana sandwiches yummy (one of my favorites)!

Grandma & Pop Pop came over in the afternoon and Jason grilled us steaks with all the fixins'. It was a really nice way to spend the day celebrating what a blessing God has bestowed on me all while celebrating my own mom too.

I do so love Aidan & Alayna and thank God that he gave me the wonderful opportunity to be a mother each time I look into their little faces!
We are winding down the school year, so Grandma & Pop Pop are coming to have a little time with Alayna while I surprise Aidan with volunteering in his classroom again this afternoon. I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left of kindergarten. AHHH!
The older I get the faster the time goes...both Aidan and I are reeling with the thought of him being gone all day for 1st grade next year. He asked me to home school him for next year (like I did for preschool) so he doesn't have to be gone so long.
That will melt any mom's heart now won't it? Of course, I am sure today he will say NO WAY AM I MISSING OUT ON SCHOOL. He does love all the activities and learning and friends!
Hope you have a blessed week and thanks for checking in on us!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We have come a long way baby...7 months

Alayna is 7 months old today!!! What a great journey this has been so far. We look forward to each and every day watching her grow and learn.

Here is a few pictures to review just how far she has come from that 4 pounds 14 ounce girl on October 9th!

Beginning of November still in preemie clothes, but not for long! (my how SMALL they look now)...

By December, we have graduated into newborn sizes...

January....I have begun the chunking up process and brother certainly notices how heavy I am now...

Hair? I am really growing some sprouts...
By March, I am really showing off my sweet personality...

In April, I continue to amaze everyone with all that I am doing...

We thank you for being along with us on Alayna's amazing adventure. We appreciate the love, support and prayers that you continue to offer on behalf of our children.
We know that she continues to do so well because God created her wonderfully and perfect!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Surprise visit

When Aidan got off the bus today his face was RED...not from anger but rather total excitement. He saw his Grandma & Pop Pop's car in the driveway. He ran (so fast I couldn't get a picture that wasn't a blur) from the bus, up the stairs and nearly knocked grandma down hugging her then he moved on to hugging Pop Pop. To put it mildly he is SO glad they are back from wintering in Texas. He even traded in snuggle time with mom for time with grandma tonight!

Alayna had plenty of smiles for Grandma & Pop Pop even with little sleep today... This morning the home occupational therapist, Megan came for her first visit. She gave us some great information and ideas to help Alayna continue meeting her milestones. She will come back every other week to meet with us and check in on Alayna.
This afternoon Alayna only napped about 30 minutes for my sweet friend, Amy (THANK YOU!) who kept her so I could go surprise Aidan by volunteering in his classroom again (I thought I better get in there since there is only a few weeks of kindergarten left ahhh!)
Before Alayna turns orange from all the carrots, sweet potatoes and squash she has been eating we will be starting in on the green veggies tomorrow. So far so good with the food. She hardly lets any get on her face she is so busy munching it up. Although I should have taken a picture tonight, she was so tired that her head kept bobbing and I had squash up her nose. Poor girl. Nothing a quick bath and bed by 6:30 didn't cure...

Hopefully she will sleep well tonight and tomorrow morning for Uncle Scott so she can enjoy baby class tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

eye doctor....happy birthday daddy

Alayna's carrot eating and practicing her abc's worked! She has perfect vision! YAHOO! They dilated her eyes and ran all the tests and gave her a stamp of perfection!
Then they gave her some cool shades to wear home! Much cuter than the old cataract glasses they give adults.

Today is daddy's birthday. Aidan made a card from he and Alayna and served Jason coffee in bed. Jason asked for ribs for dinner so Alayna and I stopped in at KC Masterpiece on the way home from the doctor. They can cook them much better than me... Aidan & I made Jason his favorite sprinkle cake and we will spend the evening enjoying family, ribs & cake.

Oh, don't forget to get out and smell the flowers...