Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog catch up game

I somehow thought when the girls went to kindergarten I would have more time to do things like blog. you have witnessed just the opposite has happened.  I find myself not even downloading the pictures I took for weeks at a time.  

Life is moving SO fast.

I often times consider closing this blog down but, then know our sweet family far away won't see pictures of the kids so I will try to update at least more often.  Try I said, Trudy ;)

So here is a quick update of what we have been up to.

The girls were THRILLED at the idea of Halloween this year.  They totally got the trick or treat thing years ago but, this year they requested who they wanted to be.  That is HUGE.  Of course, our little Frozen lovers chose Anna and Elsa.  They had a great time at our church's trunk or treat, at their school party and trick or treating in the neighborhood for a brief little while (it was cold)!  

The next week kindergarten partied 50's style in celebration of the 50th day of kindergarten.  Alayna loved dressing up but, Dariya was having none of the scarf I tried to get her to wear.

Their assignment was to bring 50 items in a ziploc baggie.  I thought it was a great way to get rid of the Halloween candy so we counted out 50 skittles and put them in Alayna's backpack. 
Much to my disapproval I found an empty ziploc baggie and a very green little girl.  Alayna had eaten ALL 50 skittles.  AHHHH~
Needless to say her behavior was OFF. THE. WALL this week.  
Praying like crazy that the dye wears off and that she gets back to normal...whatever that is.  Any and all prayers appreciated!

Aidan is LOVING middle school.  He is thriving and excelling in all his classes.  He seems to be maturing and growing up right before our very eyes.

In other news, I am dipping my toes back into the work world.  

This holiday season, while the kids are in school I am going to be Jason's UPS helper.  Oh, I hope I can keep up with him.  For next school year,  I have accepted a pre kindergarten teaching position at a Christian preschool in our community.  I am excited for the new challenges that are ahead.  

Finally, my mother is having open heart surgery on Wednesday.  I ask for all prayers for an easy surgery and recovery.