Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthdays and musicals

This week has been a super busy week here.  
We celebrated this cute boy turning 10 by taking a few of his buddies to play laser tag then we had our 
family over for cake and ice cream.  

Alayna LOVES her Uncle Ed

Tuesday night was Aidan's 4th grade choir musical.  They did a great show about the Old West.  I think he was the cutest cowboy ever but, I may be a little biased.
 The girls really enjoyed the show!
Special thanks to Grace Jubber for helping us get the perfect cowboy look!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy 10th birthday, Aidan!

A decade, 10 years, 120 months, 3650 days...

It seems like such a long time but, then when I look back on all the memories it seems like just yesterday when Aidan was born.   

A chunky little blue eyed piece of God's perfection.  I was in love from the moment I saw his cherubic little face.  With his delivery we were now not just husband and wife but a family.

I learned to love trains and dinosaurs right along with him.

I have watched with wonder as his gifts continue to develop.

I have marveled at his tender heart even when he sometimes tries to hide it from the world.

I have cried tears of joy, happiness, sadness and grief right along with him.

I have watched in awe as he gracefully holds the position of "big brother" and dotes on his sisters.

I have watched him grow and soar. I am so proud of him.

So thankful for the blessing of this handsome boy in our lives.

I pray that God continues to draw him close and guide his path forever. 
Happy 10th birthday, Aidan!  

May your day and life be completely blessed.

We love you more than words can express!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cloudy day sewing fun?

Sunday afternoon was cloudy and overcast.  The girls were napping as they were worn out from the no nap trip to the park on Saturday, Sunday morning church and dance class following.

Aidan was looking for something fun to do and wanted to get out the lonely sewing machine that lives by herself in the basement storage room.  I had some old fabric and he decided he would surprise the girls by making them pillows.

He set the machine up. I threaded it, then re-threaded it the right way. Come on give me some slack it has been a while since I used it, remember those leg warmers last year I sewed for the girls?  Well the machine hasn't moved since.  

I started Aidan off and away he went.  He did all the sewing by himself.  Then he talked his dad into going to buy stuffing.  He then stuffed them and had them all ready to deliver when the girls woke up.

Alayna LOVED it, Dariya was not as excited. LOL
Although she marveled at it for a moment and then was off to play.

Little sister had to then try it out and gave it the nap seal of approval.
Well done Aidan.

He now wants to make some pillows for the cancer center patients.  
I guess we are off to the fabric store. ;)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Eye patch struggles

We had a great run the first few weeks of Alayna leaving her eye patch on during the 5-6 hours each morning she is supposed to wear it.  But, lately she has taken it off,  or instructed her sister to do the dirty work, numerous times each morning while at home.  She is leaving it on during preschool but taking it off on the bus ride home.

So today before she left for school we pumped her up and offered a reward (not really knowing what that reward might be) for leaving her eye patch on "like a big girl" until MOMMY took it off.  So when she got off the bus today with her eye patch on AND her socks and shoes still on.

We celebrated.

I did a happy dance, Daddy did a happy dance when he came home for lunch and then Alayna told him to give her a kiss "on the lips."  So that it just what daddy did.  One big kiss right on the lips and she was a happy girl.

Rewards come in small packages around here folks.

Hopefully it will motivate her for a while!

Pucker up Dad!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in pictures

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Good Friday night we attended our church's very moving service.  
We decorated and hunted Easter eggs.  I still love the look of wonder on Dariya's face every time an egg comes out of the dye bath.  Priceless!
We also enjoyed a big meal with family.

All these things were wonderful however, we truly focus on the gift of our Savior's death and resurrection.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us.

We hope your Easter celebrations were joyous~