Thursday, April 30, 2009

A day in the life of Alayna...

Alayna gets sweeter by the day (ok maybe we are a LITTLE biased). This morning Aidan realized that she now leans towards you with her mouth wide open when you say, "give me kisses" so he did that over and over again and she kept giving him kisses. Big brother was pretty elated. He told me to get the camera but, I was having too much fun watching their antics to walk away.

This afternoon she had her individual physical therapy session with Erin. The past 2 weeks Alayna did next to nothing in this session probably because she was so tired from all the excitement leading up to Aidan's birthday, the party and no sleep... Her body was like a rag doll to put it mildly. Erin actually apologized for making Alayna work because she was so pitiful.

But, today Alayna was determined to show Erin her new tricks that she has been working on. She pivoted around to get toys, sat up well, and got up on her hands and knees. 25 minutes later Alayna was back to a rag doll, she had expended all her energy and didn't have the strength for one more thing.

Grandma & Pop Pop are heading this way from wintering in Texas and haven't seen the kids since Christmas. My won't they be in for a surprise?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watch out everybody she is on the move...

Today has been a fun day with Alayna. While enjoying some tummy time play on the floor this morning she decided she was going to start pivoting around in search of the toy SHE wanted to play with (an octopus that we call Sammy the squid) she pushes his nose and he vibrates and plays music, one of her favorites.

Then this evening I put her down on her play mat to play while I started dinner, Aidan was busy painting the sidewalk out back and Jason wasn't home yet. I no more than got into the kitchen and heard a loud sound coming from the living room (it sounded like toys being dropped). I ran in there horrified that something had fallen on her but I didn't hear any crying...

I looked on the play mat but she WASN'T there??? I looked around the room and she was 6 feet away nearly to the fireplace. She had rolled and rolled and rolled. The loud noise was her rolling right into and over her toys, some of which roll when pushed. The toys were scattered about and she had the look of total satisfaction on her face. She KNEW how she had gotten there even though I was puzzled for just a moment.

She loves the fact that she is mobile and can get to where she wants to go without me picking her up. She also loves the fact that she can roll over faster than I can diaper her on the changing table.

Between she and Aidan they keep me hopping.

Also today we had our appointment with our coordinator from Infant Toddler Services. Alayna will receive an additional hour of occupational therapy twice a month here at home beginning next week.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What could be better than Aidan & veggies

Alayna loves her cereal so much and is doing so well with solid foods that we moved on to veggies.

We started with carrots! She has her eye exam at Children's Mercy next week so we thought eating carrots can't hurt and might help her pass the eye chart exam, although I am not sure if she knows all the letters yet hmmm, something else to work on before then! (We are praying that she is blessed with Jason & Aidan's vision NOT mine!)

Aidan wanted to be first in line to feed her the first veggies. We steamed the carrots and blended them up finely and she LOVED them (this girl likes to eat)!

She does really well not to get too messy (except when she has a mouth full then smiles and talks to you...) very sweet but messy...I think he had as many carrots on him as she did.

She also now loves her reflection in a mirror. She sits and smiles, talks, and laughs at herself.

We think she is going through another growth spurt, she slept in until 8:45 this morning then had 2, 2 hour naps on top of that. Or maybe she is just worn out from the busy week last week too. We are all still recovering.
Aidan asked me to snuggle with him on the couch yesterday after church (which means, mom I am really tired but big boys don't take naps so I will camouflage the tiredness with sweetness and nobody will know I need a little down time). Hey whatever works. I take snuggle time any chance I get, especially as Aidan goes 90 to nothing ALL the time and usually doesn't stop for a rest until he hits the bed at night!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disney World here we come!

We are all on a sugar high from Aidan's birthday cake & celebration so we haven't stopped much in the past two days for updates....
Here is Alayna hanging out in her ballpit...I should have taken video as she was talking NONSTOP the entire time she was in there.
Thursday: Aidan went on his kindergarten field trip to Kaleidoscope (which is owned by Hallmark) they donate all the left over items so the kids can recycle them into crafts stuff. We have been there many times but he had a wonderful time with his friends. Our neighbors kept him in the afternoon so he didn't have to go to Alayna's pt with us. Alayna was really tired from the birthday celebration and had moments of greatness at therapy but it wasn't her best performance. That afternoon Aidan's friend, Lily came over and they played outside all afternoon.

That evening both kids were asleep by 7:30 and Jason and I took the opportunity to set up all our stuff for our neighborhood's annual garage sale which was today. (I know you think we would have a date night but, we are trying to go to Disney with the kids in July so we thought we would skip a romantic evening on the patio for sweating to the oldies in the garage.)

Friday: Friday morning Uncle Scott brought all Aunt Elise's garage sale stuff over and the kids played. That afternoon Aidan went to school and Alayna and I visited great grandma. She was thrilled to see us as we didn't get to go last week due to my laryngitis. She LOVES Alayna and dotes on her every chance she gets. That evening the girls came over and played with Aidan while Elise and I finished setting up all the garage sale stuff. (WOW that is hard work!)

Saturday: I was up at 4:45 with my garage sale looming...I worked on my sales pitch over and over in my head while listening to the sweet little birds that keep singing at 5 am. Alayna woke at 5:30 so we were up and running. Thankfully the weather held off and it was a beautifully overcast cool day for a garage sale. We raked in over $500 YAHOO!

Our family and Elise and the girls are all going to Disney World in July and we can't be more excited about it.

Since the sprinkle cake is gone and my sugar level is dropping I think I will put my beautiful (yet dirty and stinky) kids in the bath and get them ready for bed.

Developmental moments this week... Alayna is now drinking from straw cups. We used straw cups with Aidan when he was little and have been told that we shouldn't use sippy cups with Alayna as it doesn't help her oral motor development because of the low muscle tone (possibly hindering speech development later). But, straw cups actually strengthen the mouth muscles and are a great workout for her. YAHOO!

Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Aidan!

Today is the BIG day our sweet boy turns 6! UGH, time flies when you are watching your kids grow up! But, what a complete blessing the past 6 years have been...

It has been a really great day.

We celebrated the day with a big breakfast and present opening first thing this morning. Then Aidan & I went to Bible study while daddy stayed home with Alayna.

Alayna & I went to baby class this afternoon while Jason & Aidan went to Aidan's school. Jason volunteered all afternoon and even went out for recess with the kids after sugaring them all up with the birthday treats we brought (sorry parents). Jason was a huge hit and had all 3 classes of kindergartners chasing him at recess. He is such a big kid!

After school we had a few of Aidan's buddies over for a bounce house party (Alayna LOVED being in the bounce house, even with Aidan bouncing her around in it)! Jason made an obstacle course and played musical bounce with the kids.

Even though Alayna only slept an hour this morning with daddy and a bit on the way to baby class she wouldn't dream of missing her big brother's party so she was up the whole time! Needless to say the bags under her eyes were HUGE by 7pm. (mine too I might add!)

Alayna enjoying a moment of snuggle time with Uncle Ed!

We are all SO tired, hoping and praying that both kids sleep well tonight!

Update: Alayna was evaluated by Infant Toddler Services on Tuesday (the same coordinator is working with both LC & Alayna :)). She will be adding a home visit from an occupational therapist twice a month. It will be nice as they can assist us in giving us ideas for us to work with Alayna with her own toys.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update from the hematologist

Alayna is NOT pleased with the thought of another doctors appointment and especially the thought of MORE dreaded blood work.


Susie (the sweetest nurse) from the hematologist's office just called to say that the doctor has looked over Alayna's follow up lab work and from the results she does NOT want to see her for a follow up appointment. We are so thankful for all your prayers!
Alayna is delighted at the news that she won't have to have anymore blood drawn (at least not until her yearly check up at the down syndrome clinic next April!)

It is such a beautiful day and daddy is home to enjoy the sunny day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A farmer?

Alayna has decided the past few days that she is going to pursue a career in farming.

The early bird gets the worm or something like that.

My daughter who usually gets up at 7am has been up by 5:30 each morning all week! I thought it was just a growth spurt but, she isn't eating and going back to sleep she is WIDE awake and HAPPY! (I am thankful for her laughter, smiles, and coos that early because if she were cranky I think I would just hide my head under my pillow ~like the boys in the family do ~not mentioning any names!)

Unfortunately, it has knocked her off her schedule and she has been ready for a morning nap at 7am. WHAT? Just when Aidan decides to get up she is going down for a nap? Who made this schedule anyway.

We were SO pleased to have the magnificent LC and her adorable mom, Courtney join us in baby class today! Although, Alayna only having a 45 minute nap all morning was a little grumpy (did I say a little?) She wasn't happy with music, or playing on the floor and even poked out her bottom lip at the pool today...LC definitely was wide awake and taking in all the class.

I have tried to discourage the farming career as it is way too early for an old hen like me!

I talked to the hematologists nurse today (best I can I have lost my voice due to sinus stuff). The doctor is at a conference this week and hasn't looked at Alayna's blood work from last Friday yet. She promised a return call by Friday.

We also set up an appointment with Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County for next Tuesday. They provide in home therapies which we will use to supplement the services Alayna is already receiving at the Lee Ann Britain Center.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter~

Saturday was a great day...We began by
decorating eggs with our cousins, Grace & Rayne.

Then Aunt Elise took the 3 big kids to the park all afternoon while Alayna napped (daddy did some chores, and then we got to secretly birthday shop for Aidan shhh don't tell him). Oops forgot he can read now! I won't spoil it by telling you what we got him (tune in on the 22nd for the party pics!)

Even Alayna got into the coloring (with crayons that is, we thought we better save the dye for next year!)

Aidan was super excited this morning and found Alayna's Easter basket then his own...then he hunted down all the eggs.

After church we posed for some pictures (neither one was too happy with me for that....either she was smiling or he was smiling, but not one picture where they are both smiling. ) Trust me I won't quit my day job for a photograpy career!
We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Lord~ Alleluia!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Your prayers WORKED (we think)!!!!

Sorry folks no pictures today (they would be of Aidan with his fingers in his ears and baby sister screaming...) . Only while we were at the doctor's office. As soon as the needles were through Alayna nursed and slept she was so tired.

Alayna did well at the doctors office. Dr. Rozina is very impressed by how well she has grown and all the great tricks she is doing. She was up to 13 pounds 9 oz. today! She is still only 23 inches long (she probably will be as tall as Grandpa Perry!)

We had blood work done (another cbc) and the 6 month shots. Our sweet nurse, Lisa got us the best phlebotomist that works there to do the blood draw. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get a vein either (those darn things are TINY). Alayna didn't even cry when the needle went in but did cry after she had to dig around a bit to try to find the vein. They looked at the other arm but decided to do the heel stick. Alayna wasn't thrilled with the squeezing and squeezing again. She definitely let them know she wasn't pleased. But, it was a much better experience than last week. I think just because the lady was so sweet and compassionate which made ALL the difference.

Dr. Rozina just called to let us know that Alayna's platelet count is back up to now above normal (from 88,000 last week to over 500,000 today), normal is 150,000-450,000.

She will send the results onto the hematologist at CMH and we will hear from her Tuesday but, hopefully we won't have to keep our May appointment with the hematology clinic.

But, I suspect that since she was low last week and high this week they will be looking into this matter more closely.~ We Praise God and thank YOU for holding our sweet one up in prayer.

Please continue to lift Alayna up that this platelet count is NOT a sign of a more serious problem.

God is definitely good and as it is Good Friday (although I am sure Alayna would say it isn't such a good day) if you don't have a super place to worship Him we would love to invite you to
Kaw Prairie at 7 pm tonight for a cool service or 8:45 or 10:30 every Sunday morning.

Happy 6 months sweet LC Grace! We love you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alayna is 6 months old!

Time never stands still...and when you are holding a sweet little one it seems to go by faster and faster. We are so thankful for the blessings God has granted us. Especially our wonderful children.

Please join us in saying thanks to God for the wonderful blessing of Alayna as we celebrate 6 months of her life today! It has been an awesome journey so far, and we look forward to so many more exciting days to come.

We thank you for your continued support of our family!

We go to the doctor tomorrow morning for her official 6 month check up and shots. She will also have her follow up blood work done next week to check her platelet count again as it was a little low last week when checked at the down syndrome clinic.

She is LOVING eating real food and having no feeding issues (Praise God!) She moves that food around with her tongue and swallows it down and then begs for more. Hope she is so pleased when we start green beans....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bring on the real food...

As we are just days away from Alayna being 6 months old, we decided today would be the day to try her first solids. We bought rice cereal, we drug the high chair up from the basement (then proceeded to clean it off...I am not sure if that was left over food from Aidan or not?), Aidan set up the video camera and got the camera.
We tried Alayna out in the high chair before making the cereal just to be sure her head was indeed steady enough to sit upright and eat. What do you know? Of course it was. She was very excited about the high chair and all our excitement.

Thankfully we didn't frighten her with our giddiness. I think Aidan was the most excited...Daddy jumped right in to feed her as mommy is always the bearer of good foods...Alayna went to town. She LOVED it and smacked her lips for more. Aidan fed her a few spoonfuls and danced around singing she loves it, she loves it!

Obviously, the apple didn't fall far from the tree we ALL love to eat...

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the DSG Easter Egg Extravaganza so I am sure I will have more pictures to post.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down Syndrome Clinic update

Alayna started the day out at 5:30 this morning (she is usually not up until 7) but, today was her buddy, LC's gtube surgery. So, Alayna wanted to make sure we were up before 6 when LC went in for surgery so we could start praying. Thankfully all the prayers worked. LC came through surgery well...please pray for a speedy recovery for her. We just missed getting to visit her as we had just left CMH when Courtney sent us a text that they had arrived in a room. BUMMER!

We sent Aidan off a little after 7 to play at Josh & Liz's house (Super huge thanks)....Then we were off to the down syndrome clinic for our 7:45am check in time. Of course we got stuck in morning rush hour and didn't end up getting there until 8:05 (and that was with the crazy, English UPS driver behind the wheel).

Our visit lasted until mid morning. Alayna was seen by 6 different specialists in all. We just hung out in a room and they came to us. Pretty cool to not have to drag baby & gear from room to room.
Here are the stats from our visit:
Weight: 13 pounds 1 oz. ( 8 pounds, 3 oz since birth)
Length: 23 inches (6 1/2 inches since birth)
Hearing :Passed both ears with flying colors (not any fluid to be seen in there either)
The social worker, OT, and feeding specialists all thought Alayna was on target and doing really well. She will have a vision screening May 4th (no concerns just routine).

Finally, we had to have the dreaded blood work (standard for all). This would check her thyroid functioning, etc.

We walked into the lab and the girl at the counter did NOT have a happy look on her face. At that moment I began to pray "Please don't let this be the lady that sticks my baby".

Well you guessed it folks. (I would like to talk to the HR department about their screening process for their phlebotomists, do they let them stick them during the interview process to see how well they do BEFORE hiring them?) ok I digress...

We went into the drawing room and this delightfully, unhappy lady followed. UGH! She worked at getting a vein with no luck but, proceeded to poke Alayna and DIG around in her arm 4 times. AHHH! I was stamping my foot in pain for my sweet baby girl...

I was just about to scream STOP when God must have laid it on this lady to walk away from the crazy mother or else. So (without me opening my big mouth) she stopped on her own and went to get reinforcements. Thank you God...

The next lady we had couldn't find a vein either (must be something with April fools day)...But, instead of just poking my baby and hoping to find a vein she opted for the foot stick. Alayna didn't so much mind the stick but, HATED the squeezing afterwards to get 2 vials full. She screamed more than I have ever heard her scream. But, as soon as that lovely lady stopped squeezing her foot she was back to her cooing, happy self (Thankfully!)

Oh, I didn't tell you Jason was sitting down across the room while all the needles were flying. I offered for him to hold Alayna but, he politely said, "No dear you are doing a fine job"...chicken!
(And just think we have our 6 month check up and shots next week...maybe I will call in sick and send Jason...ok for Alayna's sake maybe not!)

As we were done earlier than expected we grabbed a bite for lunch (Mi Ranchito, yummy!) and headed to IDC for baby class. We are all SO tired now from a long day. (More good news...LC is joining us next week in baby class! and we couldn't be happier about it).

Must run to get Aidan off the bus!

Hope you have a great April 1st!