Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teacher's Pet

Having been in the school business several years before "retiring" to stay home and be entertained by my kids I had my share of experiences with "teacher's pets".
However, I believe my daughter at 4 months old has gone over the top...
Today, she showed her PT Erin (who we might add looks EXACTLY like Meryl Streep) that she could prop on her elbows, weight shift to one arm and reach for a toy all on her own. (Which was going to be her homework for the next few weeks). I want to know who gave my daughter the pt manual to read ahead of time?
Alayna then continued to show her that she doesn't have to do tummy time because she can easily roll and roll and roll right out of it no matter how many times you put her back (stinker!).
We were able to spend a little time with great grandma today after therapy. Alayna was too tired for a visit and just hung out on my shoulder and went to sleep.
The picture is just one of many featuring Alayna talking with her "yummy thumby" in her mouth. She doesn't suck on it but rather chews and chews and chews. It is such a fun toy and never seems to get away from her.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

You can't make me do tummy time...

Bathing beauties

We had a great family weekend!

Not only did Aidan practice Alayna's rolling technique but he was also SUPER excited at the end of Saturday night that his baby sister could take a bath with him.

He floated her around the tub and sang row, row, row your boat. (VERY CUTE!!!)

They both had a great time and he was so careful not to splash her (too much anyway).

Oh the small things in life are so much fun...

Please continue to pray for LC, she is still in the hospital working hard to get her lungs functioning normally so they can head home. (Click on her picture on the right side of our blog to get all her latest updates!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is new this week?

Alayna continues to impress us with her laid back spirit and happy go lucky attitude. She is laughing so much it is really contagious and fun. She is holding her head up well and props herself up on her elbows and is attempting to lift up onto her hands now.

She loves music and wears a smile throughout class. She also loves the pool, she has no fear and is super laid back while floating around.
She is perfecting her roll over technique, rolled from back to stomach then she just kept on rolling in the same direction until she was on her back again. She is always good for entertainment.
Aidan is back to school this week and is bummed that he can't go to baby classes with us. But, he loves school and is Mr. social (can't imagine where he gets that???)

Please continue to pray for our dear friend LC, as she had her heart surgery this week. She has jumped over SO many hurdles but has a few yet to soar over in the next few days and weeks ahead. For her updates click here:

We are SO looking forward to LC's complete recovery as she is going to join us at the Infant development center for baby classes. YAHOO! The director of IDC is going to make a new baby class for us to be in as Alayna is the youngest one in her current class (most of the kids are over a year, some over 1 1/2 yrs.). We are thrilled that we will be in class with LC & her family and that Alayna will be with kids closer to her own age.

If you haven't heard this story before...Alayna was born on October 9th, LC was born on October 10th in the same hospital. Both girls have down syndrome and were in the NICU together. Some stealthy doctors and nurses helped us connect with Justin & Courtney (LC's adoptive parents), which was a complete blessing to us. We knew immediately that God placed these great people in our lives to help us walk this path with Alayna. We know that Alayna & LC will be close friends and look forward to them growing up together and having that special friend that is just like them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

No stopping me...

Alayna had a great physical therapy session again yesterday. Aidan got to come and participate as he was out of school for parent teacher conferences. She is really lifting her head up and holding it up for a few minutes before having to take a rest. Erin worked with her a lot and Alayna just kept on working and showing off her stuff.

She did some great stuff like pushing with her legs (bearing weight), pulling with her arms as though she wants to lift up, crunching up with her abs, bringing her hands in and bringing things to her mouth (that yummy thumb-y makes it in there lots) and she is able to maintain her head in an upright position when held in the air on her tummy. It is so amazing to watch her mastering skills that she couldn't do just a week ago.

When we carry her now she is always holding her head up instead of resting it on our shoulder.

After we showed Aidan around Alayna's school (which he thought was pretty cool), we all went to Aidan's school for his kindergarten conference. He is doing amazingly well and has the greatest teacher (who Aidan has a big crush on~on her birthday he got up at 6:30am and got dressed picking out his argyle sweater to look super dashing for her). He is reading well, writing great sentences and has amazed us with his skills this year.

Today, Alayna showed off her rolling technique again by rolling right off my lap. She is a quick one that is for sure. Aidan proudly gave her a sticker and said way to go Alayna! She is also laughing much more. She loves raspberries on her tummy, it is great for some belly laughs.

She hasn't shown any effects from her round of shots this time not sleepy and thankfully her bm's have stayed on track this time. Yahoo! (only a mother would celebrate a baby's daily diaper filling)!

We truly are blessed by our children and are glad you have stopped by to check in on us. Have a great Valentine's weekend! Jason has to work (all those extra special deliveries) then we are going to hang out and spoil the kids for the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stats from the Doctor

Alayna had her 4 month check up today. Dr. Rozina is amazed at her rapid growth and proclaimed her super healthy!

She weighs in at a hefty 11 pounds 6 oz. (exactly 3 pounds more than at her 2 month check up) and is now 22 inches long.

After her check up they gave her the dreaded shots! UGH, as she looked into my eyes and then cooed it melted my heart.
Then Lisa, her nurse stuck her...but, no cries, then the 2nd shot and a little cry, finally the 3rd shot and a little more crying but as soon as I picked her up she stopped. She was an incredible trooper!
Aidan and I were both amazed as at her 2 month appointment we heard her wail for all she was worth at the shots. We think it is the extra padding on the thighs that made it more tolerable.

A little tummy time fun...She is holding her head much more steady these days.

HAPPY 4 Months to LC Grace today...
we love you and are praying for a super successful surgery on Monday and speedy recovery!
~ We ask you, our faithful blog followers to keep LC, Courtney & Justin in your prayers~

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great day!

Today has been another great day. I have the BEST job in the world! I do SO love my kids...

Aidan, Alayna & I played all morning and got out and enjoyed the beautiful, warm day.

Then this afternoon Alayna had her individual physical therapy session. As she was well rested and full just before we started she had a great session and showed her PT, Erin all her amazing tricks. She even did the roll over trick for her. Homework for this week is continuing to get Alayna to hold her head mid line and bring her arms to mid line and grab or touch toys etc.
Alayna and I also stopped by to visit great-grandma. Alayna just smiles & smiles for her.
Alayna is getting stronger with holding her head up and doesn't want to lay back in the "baby" position instead she wants to be a big girl and hold her head up. She is doing a great job although it makes taking pictures difficult now as she is always curling up her abs to pull her head up so you have to click fast... But, as you can see she is VERY comfortable in the loving arms of big brother and enjoys his antics to make her smile and laugh.

Check out my mary janes! Aren't they adorable... on the top they have sparkles in a crown shape and on the bottom they say "future heiress" (compliments of our beloved Big Sarah!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I love my mommy...

Alayna was watching me as we were singing in church yesterday. The church photographer was sitting behind us and couldn't resist capturing her admiring mommy.

It is amazing how she studies us so intently and then smiles and coos in response. It is SO fun to sit and have a conversation with her. I LOVE my job!

She must be going through another growth spurt, she has been eating like crazy the past 3 days, she has even been up in the night to eat. We go to the pediatrician on the 10th for her 4 month check up and shots. We are taking bets on how much she weighs now! (She was a little over 9 #s when we were there at 2 months). Our guess is around 13#.

We continue to count ourselves blessed that she is so healthy. She hasn't had even as much as a runny nose so far this winter. Praise GOD!