Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in pictures

We hope your Christmas was as blessed.

The girls are having ear tube surgery on Monday morning the 29th. We would love prayers for an easy surgery, quick recovery and repaired hearing for both girls.  Thanks!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas

We are in full speed ahead Christmas mode here.

We have listened to and sung Christmas carols.

We have decorated the house...

my helpers are awesome decorators!

We have decorated the cookies.
The kids all loved painting their sugar cookies.

Alayna won the prize for decorating the longest and getting the messiest!

The girls have truly enjoyed going to see the Christmas lights this year.  The first year Dariya was home she would cry every time we looked at Christmas lights.  Still not sure what the issue with them was but, thankful it is a thing of the past.

Finally, we have rung in the Christmas season with Aidan's 6th grade band concert.  He is excelling at saxophone!

We now have some snow to play in as the kids first day off for break is today!  Do you want to build a snowman? ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Anyone there?

I keep pondering shutting down this blog as I can't find time to actually update it.  My sweet uncle used to look at it everyday, but since he passed away I haven't updated regularly.  I know my sister in law Trudy enjoys the pics as she isn't on FB but, it is so much easier to post a pic and a tag on FB these days.

Our newest news...
Alayna lost her 2nd tooth and has an adult tooth popping in through the bottom.  Both girls still have fluid behind their eardrums so are schedule for tubes on December 29th (Dariya adenoids possibly too).

The girls and I enjoy our mornings together.  Here is a game of hide and seek where I was "it".  I'm not sure I will ever find the girls.  ;)
They are both loving school.  Hard to believe next week is the end of the first semester already.

So far I am keeping up with Jason on afternoon deliveries.  He actually hasn't been home too late as UPS hired plenty of new drivers to cover the holiday this year!  YAY!

Dariya had a little stomach bug for a day and decided to sleep the day away in our bed.  Little sister went in for comfort!  Thankfully nobody else in the family caught it and after a day or so she was up and running again!

Hope you have a great week~

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog catch up game

I somehow thought when the girls went to kindergarten I would have more time to do things like blog. you have witnessed just the opposite has happened.  I find myself not even downloading the pictures I took for weeks at a time.  

Life is moving SO fast.

I often times consider closing this blog down but, then know our sweet family far away won't see pictures of the kids so I will try to update at least more often.  Try I said, Trudy ;)

So here is a quick update of what we have been up to.

The girls were THRILLED at the idea of Halloween this year.  They totally got the trick or treat thing years ago but, this year they requested who they wanted to be.  That is HUGE.  Of course, our little Frozen lovers chose Anna and Elsa.  They had a great time at our church's trunk or treat, at their school party and trick or treating in the neighborhood for a brief little while (it was cold)!  

The next week kindergarten partied 50's style in celebration of the 50th day of kindergarten.  Alayna loved dressing up but, Dariya was having none of the scarf I tried to get her to wear.

Their assignment was to bring 50 items in a ziploc baggie.  I thought it was a great way to get rid of the Halloween candy so we counted out 50 skittles and put them in Alayna's backpack. 
Much to my disapproval I found an empty ziploc baggie and a very green little girl.  Alayna had eaten ALL 50 skittles.  AHHHH~
Needless to say her behavior was OFF. THE. WALL this week.  
Praying like crazy that the dye wears off and that she gets back to normal...whatever that is.  Any and all prayers appreciated!

Aidan is LOVING middle school.  He is thriving and excelling in all his classes.  He seems to be maturing and growing up right before our very eyes.

In other news, I am dipping my toes back into the work world.  

This holiday season, while the kids are in school I am going to be Jason's UPS helper.  Oh, I hope I can keep up with him.  For next school year,  I have accepted a pre kindergarten teaching position at a Christian preschool in our community.  I am excited for the new challenges that are ahead.  

Finally, my mother is having open heart surgery on Wednesday.  I ask for all prayers for an easy surgery and recovery.  


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kindergarten field trip

The kindergarten class held their annual field trip and ventured off to the Weston Red Barn Farm. 

Jason even got the day off and so both of us joined the girls for a fun filled day on the farm.

Unfortunately, my camera ate the first 50 pics I took so here are a couple from the end of the tour.

We were able to visit all the farm animals and learn about them, pick a pumpkin and have a picnic lunch before returning to school.

Both girls had a great time.  Although Dariya got rather grumpy about an hour before lunch as it was her normal lunch time.  But, once fed she was back to her happy go lucky self.  Just don't forget to feed her.

Alayna was looking very tired at lunch so we opted to have the girls skip the bus ride back to school and ride with us...this was within minutes of pulling away.  
My what a fun day we had.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Step Up for Down Syndrome

The afternoon of October 19th couldn't have been a nicer day for our annual Step Up for Down Syndrome.  

We had a blast celebrating the girls, seeing our old friends and making new ones.  

A huge thanks to all those that came out and /or supported our team.  

We appreciate you greatly.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy 6th birthday, Alayna!

I remember the night like it was yesterday. 

We weren't ready for your arrival but, you wouldn't wait.
The doctor exclaimed, "She is absolutely beautiful."
Who am I to argue with the doctor?  
You are amazingly beautiful still.

It doesn't seem possible that six years have passed already.
Your teeny tiny self has woven its way through every thread in our family.

You continue to surprise us with all you can do each and every day.
We first worried what your future would hold.
Now we rest at ease in knowing that you nothing is going to stop you from soaring high.

Whatever it is that God calls you to be, we pray that you listen and obey.

Alayna, you are amazing!

You are a blessing to us and we can't imagine life without you.

We pray that this 6th year brings you happiness, friendship and fun.

Always know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We love you,

Happiest of birthdays sweet girl,

Mommy, Daddy, Aidan and Dariya

Friday, October 3, 2014

Look what I can do

Having down syndrome doesn't stop us from having fun and reaching our goals!  

It might take us a little longer, but we are enjoying the journey!

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness month!

Monday, September 22, 2014

School day pictures

Friday was picture day for the girls.

Alayna usually gets a great shot with whomever the photographer is but, Dariya is a harder target.  She hasn't quite mastered the "looking at the camera and smiling"  look yet.

I took the girls outside for a few pics before they headed off to school hoping to get a good picture of each of them.  Alayna had about 20 great ones, while poor Dariya didn't have a single one that I would hang on the wall.

Sisterly love...oh, how I love these two!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First lost tooth...

A few months ago the girls had their dental check up and the dentist informed me that Alayna's two bottom front teeth were loose.  I wiggled them and couldn't get them to budge.

Today the girls put the couch cushions on the floor and were jumping off them.  All of a sudden they jumped at the same time and crashed into each other.  Alayna's mouth hit Dariya's knee and what do you know her tooth came out!

She was a little freaked out at the blood at first but, as soon as we called daddy and he praised his big girl she was all better.  She loves putting her tongue where her tooth used to be.  Maybe that will keep her from biting her nails....(she had stopped that habit for months and is back at it).

Happy first lost tooth, Alayna.  You are big stuff!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How is kindergarten going?

The girls have been ready for kindergarten all summer.  

Of course, as a mom you worry (even for me who isn't typically a worrier) a bit over whether they will succeed in this new situation.

I am pleased to tell you that the girls have successfully made the transition and are thriving in their regular kindergarten class.  

They came home with "Purrfect" first day papers and have continued to have great days, minus one day where Dariya pushed Alayna and Alayna pushed someone else.  We quickly rebounded and are back on track.

They love their teachers and going to specials (computers, music, art, PE, and library) each day.

They are very tired even with just the half day in the afternoon.  Dariya is usually asking to go to bed during dinner each night. ;)

We pray that their year continues so well and that they make many new friends. 

Alayna usually talks about the names of everyone in class and so far all we have heard about is teacher names.  It is awesome that she has all those down so quickly but, I am praying for a nice friend for each girl to rise to the surface.

Feel free to throw a daily prayer their way.  Thanks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And they're off to kindergarten

I have to admit I was putting Alayna to bed the other night and was praying for school, teachers and their transition and I had a little tear in my eye.  Alayna quickly noticed and asked if I was ok. Yes, sweet girl.  I just can't believe my 4 pounder is now 5 and off to elementary school.

Last Wednesday morning, Amy Allison, the director of our DSG held a Down Syndrome 101 class at the girl's school and met with the whole staff and administration to in service them about ds. Awesome!

Thursday night we attended back to school night.  The girls were thrilled to meet their teacher, Mrs. Thompson and look around the school as Aidan gave them the official tour.  They both did very well considering the whole 500+ kids plus families were in the building looking around.  It is a bit overwhelming even for us parents.  The staff all greeted the girls so kindly and by name!  YAY for ds 101 the day before!

Monday afternoon we went to kindergarten open house where the girls were able to spend 30 minutes in their classroom and put all their supplies away.  Super thankful to their special education teacher, Mrs. Sickel who arranged for us to go 30 minutes earlier than open house for everyone else so that the girls could spend some quality time getting to know Mrs. Thompson and the classroom without distraction.  Bless her, she is very kind with the girls.

Alayna wanted to greet everyone and Dariya was ready to head home shortly after we arrived.  So typical for them both.  I know it will take a few days for them to get into a routine but, prayerfully they will transition very well.

I went ahead and let them ride the bus today and they were thrilled to get on and away they went.

No stopping us now.

Kindergarten or bust!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcome to Middle School

Aidan was cool as a cucumber as he got ready for his first day of middle school.  He wasn't worried about anything but instead was super excited to be starting at a new school and to be able to change classes.

He was even more excited that he may now ride his bike instead of the bus!
Go get em, Aidan.  

Our school district started only the 6th graders (new to middle school) and the 9th graders (new to the high school) today.  The girls will begin kindergarten tomorrow afternoon.

The girls and I as always had hot chocolate chip cookies ready for him when he returned from his big day.

He LOVED middle school!  YAY!  Praying for a fabulous year for all three!