Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bye, bye baby hair...

Oh yes, that is our boy being double teamed and still getting the shot off. (Ok so it didn't go in but it was still a great shot!) The boys played a great game today and Aidan scored one basket, in the other team's goal =) ! Oh well he is having a good time and we are enjoying watching him stretch himself beyond his comfort level!

Aafter the game we decided it was time for Alayna to get that uneven baby hair trimmed.

Alayna enjoyed her haircut and didn't wiggle too much. She only turned around a few times I think to check to see why daddy wasn't getting his hair cut too (oh sorry what hair? hee hee

Angie made Alayna feel right at home in her chair. Alayna smiled and had a few giggles for her. Overall, I think she enjoyed her first big girl haircut.

And the finished product....

Oh, I think we will keep her, she is rather cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun at PT

Alayna had a blast at PT today. She climbed up the stairs lickity split to get into the fabulous ball pit. She didn't want to crawl down but, she obliged and showed Ms. Erin that she could just so she could crawl back up again to get those balls! She practiced squatting and picking up toys, hanging on with one hand to work on balance and walking with a push toy. (See what you are missing Grandma & Pop Pop?)

Then Ms. Erin thought we would try something new just for fun. So she got out the harness and hooked Alayna up... bungee jumping perhaps?

Check out the video to see.

Go Alayna Go! We had such a fun time with Ms. Erin today.

Next week Alayna will add individual speech therapy at school then after spring break she will add her individual OT. I am sure after 1 1/2 hours of individual therapy she will be one tired little girl!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Surprise for the kids

As Jason had to be cleared by the doctor to return to full duties at work tomorrow he opted to take the rest of the day off after his appointment and surprise the kids. (His back and neck are doing much better, he will still have pt on them 3 times this week).

He first surprised Aidan by taking him lunch. Aidan came running down the hall and gave him a huge bear hug. They invited Grace and had a nice meal together.

Then when Alayna woke up from her morning nap...SURPRISE daddy was home and ready to go to baby class with us.

She enjoyed teaching daddy all the songs in music class.

Shakers are a favorite for sure. "Like this daddy!"

But, Alayna's ALL time #1 favorite activity in music class is to play and sit on the BIG drum!!!

What a great day!
Thanks daddy for spending the day with us~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week in review~

Been a busy week so here is a run down of the whole week in review for you.
Aidan's parent teacher conferences went really well. He is soaring above the bar for all his academics and continues to excel in all areas. His teacher really enjoys having him in class (even when he talks a little too much)!
He had Monday off for President's day. My niece, Grace also spent the day with us which was super fun. She and Aidan are 3 months apart in age and like siblings. I imagine what it would be like to have twins when I have these two together, then I thank God that he only gave me one at a time! :)
Thankfully UPS was still delivering while the kids were out, as BIG Sarah struck again...the kids had a box of goodies from our sweet friends. THANKS for the love, sweets and spoiling our kids~

Jason had most of the week off due to a back/neck strain. Thankfully it is nothing serious but, we didn't get in much extra daddy time as he was either at the chiropractor, the doctor, resting or at work filling out papers.

Alayna has had some fun this week. She continues to be the hit at Bible study. They love having her and dote on her so. She decided that she loves playing memory and matching the cards to one another. She also can now find your nose & mouth when asked.

Finally this morning while we waited for Aidan to warm up for his basketball game, Alayna took a moment to show off her swollen gums. She has been working hard this week on getting in a few molars. As red and swollen as they are I would think she would be a grump but true to Alayna form she is still happy go lucky and doesn't seem to be bothered by them much.
Notice she has one of those pacifiers that they give newborns at the hospital. Neither of the kids have ever used a pacifier. We have been pretending to use it on her baby dolls but, she found that it is the perfect gummy texture and strength to work on her molars. Whatever works baby girl!

Aidan's team won again today. It is really fun to watch them get better each week.

We are in for more snow & ice tonight and tomorrow so who knows maybe we will have another snowman to show off by the end of the weekend.
We hope your weekend is a great one!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine surprises

I awoke at 7 am hearing the footsteps of Aidan coming into our bedroom closet to get a shoebox where he had stashed all his Valentine's loot. He quietly snuck downstairs and waited for all of us to come down. He has been working for days on his surprises and has continued to remind us NOT to look in the shoebox. He was so proud of himself.

He made me a jewelry box and a sweet card, and made Jason and Alayna cards and gifts as well.

As Alayna is a little young to get into the Valentine making adventure yet she decided how she can play cupid is to take her cute little hands and push our heads together until we kiss. So sweet. We remember when Aidan used to do that to us.

Jason and I had a nice date night out last night thanks to the WILD youth at our church. They babysat kids for donations for their mission trip.

As my love languages are quality time and acts of service, my sweet hubby is making dinner for us tonight and he, Aidan & Alayna surprised me with new hardware for our downstairs guest bathroom. Now some of you might say "love the hubby cooking dinner but, new bathroom fixtures, really?"

To defend my kind hubby, it really wasn't my Valentine's gift. However, I am thankful that my family was so thoughtful in taking the time to make our house look a little nicer.

I am blessed and very thankful to God for overflowing my life with love from Jason, Aidan & Alayna. They are the best Valentine's gift I could have ever hoped for.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I guess most people have a favorite stage of child development. Some of my friends love the baby stage and would keep their child a newborn forever, other friends like the toddler stage (after potty training, of course) and still a few of my friends enjoy the preschool stage best. What stage do you like best?

As for me I think each stage is great, I don't know how it can get any better... then along comes another stage and boy that one is equally as great. I really don't look back with sadness that any stage is over rather I am content with enjoying the moment in front of me.

I remember when Aidan was little I enjoyed watching him grow and learn each day. Being a first time mom I thought, "oh this is the best stage and what he is doing is SO cute" but, a few days or weeks went by and I found myself enjoying where he was at that moment even more than the last one.

I find myself doing the exact same thing with Alayna. Maybe I love living in the moment and soaking in all the time with my children as I know they won't be little forever. Or maybe it allows me not to over worry about the future as I know we are on a great path and that God is always watching over us. Or maybe it is my education background I really enjoying seeing each of my babies grow and learn.

Some people's hobbies are watching television, reading, going out with friends or a myriad of other things but, I truly enjoy spending time with my family and soaking in all the goodness that comes with it. I could let the world pass by outside as I bask in each moment with Aidan & Alayna.

After 16 wonderful months with Alayna I can truly say I have enjoyed every day and am looking forward to what tomorrow brings. She continues to amaze us each day with the beautiful person she is inside and out.

~Here are just a few things she is doing that melt my heart in this stage~

patting you sweetly as she hugs you tight, giving you many kisses each day, signing baby then going to get one of her baby dolls and mothering them, crawling after Aidan as fast as she can even up the stairs, bringing books to you and crawling in your lap to read with her, endless hours of peekaboo, and row, row, row your boat in the laundry basket provides belly giggles galore, those cute little fingers that wave hi and bye, and of course that sweet smile...

Happy 16 months Alayna,

I am blessed.

I love being your mom

and watching you grow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Proud as punch...

Aidan scored his first points in a basketball game this morning and was so proud! (OK don't tell him I got tons of video of the game but had turned the camera off just before he made his shot AHHH)!

He has been practicing in the driveway and can make shots all the time and even in warm ups but, had never made one during the game yet. He said when all those guys are chasing me I can't make a shot. I think that is called good defense.

We were so glad that he made a shot during the game to boost his confidence in this sport. It is really fun to watch him get better each week and understand the sport. Most of all we are enjoying him learning his Bible verses, learning that he doesn't have to be perfect at everything to participate and making new friends.

Of course, he had his own super cute cheerleader

How can you go wrong?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowy days...

Today was a beautiful snowy day. One of those days where you can sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the giant flakes silently fall for hours.

Alayna was amazed at the beauty of it (as was I). She stood at the window carrying on a conversation with the snow for quite some time.

As she has never been out sledding or even playing in the snow I thought I would bring some in for her to experience.

Of course, in it goes right to the mouth. I am sure it was soothing on those new molars I think she is working on...But please don't tell Aidan that Alayna ate Frosty....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Praying for Jace...

Please help us lift up Jace, Courtney, Justin & big sister, LC as Jace has his heart surgery Wednesday morning beginning around 6:30 am.

Click on his picture to follow his progress. Thanks!

We love you Jace and look forward to some cuddle time with you as soon as you are recovered (so get well quick!)