Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear LC,

Dear LC,
I just wanted to say fanks for the great workout video that you posted on pulling up to standing. I have been watching it over and over again and finally got up the courage to twy it myself. I surprised everyone at being able to stand up without any practice (of course they didn't know I was watching your video over and over and over...)
Oh, and fanks for the tip on volume that you shared with me in baby class yesterday. I tried out that volume 10 that you told me about for 30 minutes after Aidan got home from school. I was talking SO loud that Aidan couldn't hear mommy tell him to do his homework (Aidan LOVES me even more now...) Good work buddy, you are a great pal.

Now if you can only make one of those work out videos to show me how to get moving forward as I am still stuck in reverse...
fanks for evweething,
your fwend,


ch said...

Yahoo, Alayna!!! Now be prepared for LC to ask you to reach the trouble that's too high for her to get into alone!!! We're so proud of you, Stinker!

Anonymous said...

I have been catching up with your blog over the past few weeks! The kids are so cute, and this is such a great way to keep in touch. All is going well here, and it is so nice to hear yours are doing what mine did to me!
Love, Cousin Chris