Saturday, August 22, 2009

Football fever

Football (Soccer) fever is rampant at our house. It must be the English blood...Aidan had his first soccer match this morning. He had so much fun and enjoyed chasing the ball around and scoring goals (they looked like bees chasing a honeypot). He was worn out by the end of the game though!

Thankfully our niece, Grace is on the same team so we have a big cheering section just for the two of them.
Aunt Elise, Rayne & Alayna cheered Aidan & Grace's team on to victory. My crazy Englishman paced the sidelines the whole game...even though they don't officially keep score he was a proud papa when Aidan scored!

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Ria said...

Way to go Aidan! One of my nephews is big into soccer too.