Monday, August 17, 2009

Rain, Rain go away, it's time for school!

It was a downpour of a rainy day for the first day of school but, it was a great day for us all.

Aidan got on the bus bright and early and Alayna & I got busy doing odds and ends around the house. I didn't even have time to miss the cute, little blonde headed boy until I got ready to make my sandwich for lunch and realized Aidan wasn't there, I had to eat without him for the first time ever. UGH (shed a few tears). I quickly pulled myself together and got on with the day. It was VERY peaceful here, almost too peaceful. Alayna only napped for 45 minutes in the morning I think she missed her brother.

Aidan came home really excited and said the best part of his day was meeting new friends. He thinks he teacher is as great as his kindergarten teacher (which is a really high standard...we all LOVED Mrs. Gordon). He enjoyed eating at school and came home with fun, first day handprints.

We are thankful that he is off to a great start!
Alayna starts back on Thursday with her individual pt session.


Liz Hunter said...

Hope Aidan is settling in well with 1st grade.I have been following your blogs,and apologise to not commenting in the past.It took me a while to subscribe correctly,,,must be my age. I really made an effort this time , because the main picture you are using of Alayna is absolutley wonderful. You need to enter it in a photo composition.Any way ,I think you are both doing a wonderful job with both Aiden and Alayna.Love to all.Liz.

Liz Hunter said...

Sorry, should of said competiton instead of composition,,,WHAT WAS I THINKING.GUESS I GOT EXCITED OVER THE PICTURE...SERIOUSLY>

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first day Aidan! I'm sure you missed your baby sister as much as she missed you :)

Julie and Leo

ch said...

Tell Miss Erin 'hi' from us, Laynaloo! (I thought our time had stayed the same and we missed a chance to see Erin this week by being a half an hour late. Ugggggh....)

Coco said...

Rochelle thanks for checking out Coco's Corner. It will be fun to follow along with Alayna. We can't wait to start following your blog.

Lisa and Coco