Friday, August 7, 2009 must try!

This is a great science project that is a real kid pleaser (is it a solid or is it a liquid?) and mom lover (inexpensive and easy to clean up).

Make some ooze and let the kids play in it...

Note: I suggest some newspaper on the table and floor before using.

You need:

Cornstarch, water, food coloring

Mix the cornstarch slowly adding water until you have the right texture. It is a solid until you pick it up then it turns back to liquid. You can add food coloring if you would like a different color than white.

Aidan didn't like this stuff when he was 2 because he always liked being clean. As you can tell he loves it now and so does baby sister!

Alayna enjoyed the stuff running through her fingers, reaching for it as I dripped it off my fingers, tasting it and trying to figure out just exactly what it was. Aidan enjoyed using his imagination while he played in it; first, he was trying to build something, next, he was sinking in quicksand next, he was ...and the list goes on and on.

Warning: This stuff is addictive, you and your children will lose many hours playing with this product.

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ch said...

Oh, I'm dying. Aidan is such a little professor..."Am I correct?"


You are ADORABLE!!

I'm still picturing what my little worm-muncher would do with her ooze...of course I must try it immediately...