Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Final days of our trip...

Here was Aidan's #1 cool thing of the trip...petting the sting rays. He was reluctant to stick his hand in at first but, he was so glad he worked up the courage to do it because he thought they were so cool (they feel really slimy if you have never felt one. Not at all what I was expecting, I thought they would feel smooth like dolphins!)
We also informed Grace that if she kept making faces like that they might stick. HA!

Yes, that is my sweet husband dangling my daughter over the shark enclosure (oh no just kidding those are dolphins.) Alayna loved watching them especially in the underwater observatory we could see how fast they swim around and around. She was mesmerized.

I've got the music in me....Aidan beats out some congo music.

Finally, after each day was done we relaxed pool side. Our townhouse had its own 4 foot splash pool which was really nice. These pics are taken at the resort's pool which had a zero entry and fountain area for Alayna and a huge slidefor the big kids. Everyone enjoyed cooling off after long days in the sun.

When we arrived home Aidan immediately said,
" I miss Florida".
It was a great trip and we will probably go back when Alayna is old enough to enjoy the rides too.


K D said...

Wow what a good trip you had!!!!

Jenn said...

Love seeing your trip in picutres! The first picture with Elise looks like Grace is in some serious trouble, haha! Glad you guys had such a great time. Might be needing some Florida travel tips some day.