Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 10 months...

Oh, what a great journey the past 10 months have been...We have so enjoy our time with Alayna.

We are truly blessed with two awesome kids and this life that God has granted us!

To celebrate the day we are having her dedicated at church this evening. (We will post the video and pictures asap for those of you who aren't in town).

She continues to awe and amaze us with her drive, humor, sweet personality and wet smoochies!

Alayna's Top 10 of being 10 months:
10. I can sit on my own (Wow, the world looks great from this angle)

9. Transportation (I can roll, lunge, scoot forward and backwards and if I play cute I can hitch a ride with a big person passing by)

8. Food - Finally, these people have figured out that I can eat anything and stopped pureeing everything...(haven't they noticed the teeth?) Oh and I love to feed myself.

7. Conversation & treats- Daddy loves it when I babble dadada, it gets me in so good with him that he even shares his ice cream cones with me.

6. My big brother, Aidan (need I say more?)

5. Music~ I love songs and fingerplays and my family loves how I respond in anticipation to them.

4. Mimicking noises - Have you heard my Donald Duck impression that I learned from Aidan while in Disney?

3. Outdoors - Swinging on my swing, petting the dogs, swimming, letting the breeze tickle my tongue... oh it is wonderful!

2. Books ~ Have you seen the library there are tons of them. I LOVE them and I can't wait to read each one.

1. I am the baby and it is a pretty good gig!

Lord, I thank you for giving us Alayna Faith !


Anonymous said...

wow! they're getting so big! you guys are def blessed! your kids are beautiful! i love that pic w/ alayna covering her face! glad to hear all is going well!

love always,

ch said...

Oh, this is one of my all time favorite entries. ALL TIME. Such a clever mom you have, Alayna! I love your top 10!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) 10 months Alayna! What a wonderful top 10 list :) You are such a sweetheart.

Julie and Leo

Ria said...

I love your top 10! Happy (belated) 10 months!