Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're back...

Our trip to Orlando was a blast and we made it home safely.

We are all really tired (Alayna hit the bed at 5 pm for the night I am sure). She was the best kid on the trip! She let us drag her here and there and everywhere and never complained (more than I can say for her 6 year old brother, but, I won't mention any names). We visited SeaWorld for 2 days, drove over to Cocoa beach one day, went to Animal Kingdom one day, then spent the other 2 days swimming in our pool and playing mini golf etc.

Alayna loved the dolphins (I think she could have stayed and watched them for hours) the Lion King show and the beach best. Aidan loved petting the sting rays, getting the characters to sign his autograph book (thanks again Aunt Jane), the Shamu show, riding the rides and the Lion King show.

Here are the kids posing in front of Shamu at SeaWorld on the first day. (Notice Shamu's nose is missing...that would be Jason's photography skills...bless him, he means well...I won't post the pictures of Alayna or I decapitated...UGH!)

Aidan saved up his money to spend on this trip. He bought a huge stuffed Shamu with a baby Shamu. He was so sweet that he gave the baby to Alayna (he even put it in her crib with her!)

Here is Aidan and Grace (with Elise & Rayne behind them) riding the bubble ride (think of the teacups at Magic Kingdom). Grace really wanted to ride all the BIG roller coaster but, even as tall as she is she was just shy of being able to go on them. Jason and Elise are both afraid of heights so I wasn't convincing either of them to take a whirl with me. We did the small roller coasters and even got Aidan on them.

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ch said...

welcome HOME!!! We're so excited to hear about your adventures and so delighted to have you back in town!!!