Friday, August 14, 2009

First grade off to a good start

Last night we attended back to school night for Aidan's school. We were able to meet his teacher, check out his classroom, locker and desk and put up all his supplies.
He didn't get his best buddy, Avery in his class but he did get a couple friends from his kindergarten class. Grace is in the class next to Aidan's. He seems like he is pretty excited to meet some new kids.
He spent nearly the whole 2 hours checking out everything about his new classroom (comparing it to his kindergarten room). Then he walked around the building looking at everything and finally enjoyed a root beer float compliments of the PTA.
It was amazing that today he was much more relaxed, calm and WELL BEHAVED! Thank you for answered prayers.
He starts on Monday and now he is really excited for Monday to get here so he can begin.
Please say a prayer for all the children going to school in the next few days/weeks as well as for all the teachers, administrators and staff that nurture, encourage, educate and love our kids while they are in their care.
Aidan lost loose tooth #2 today and Alayna's 2nd one is popping right in. Too funny!

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Jenn said...

Thinking of Aidan today and hoping he is having a great day at school! And prayers for Mom for the whole day without him:)