Friday, August 28, 2009

Parallel parking at its finest

Alayna is getting all over the house (in reverse). She has a great knack of backing herself under the couch, tables, chairs, and even straddling the garbage can. Wow, she is amazing at finding all the roadblocks.

I put her down in the kitchen and within minutes she had moved herself into the living room and very carefully parallel parked herself under my curio cabinet. She thought it was pretty cool until she got too far under and looked up and bumped her head! Ouch! Then she was quite happy for me to show her how to move forward and get out of her little parking garage she created.

She is talking a lot more now and has added something that sounds like Aidan (an AHHH sound with a D on the end). We have heard it several times, always in reference or calling him. She did it again when he walked in after school yesterday. She makes the "m" sound but, NO mama yet. Boy, where did I go wrong? She laughs at me when I say mama and then quickly starts with dadada.

Aidan's second week of school has gone much smoother and he seems to be in a good routine now. It is amazing HOW much he can talk when he gets home. I think he spoke for 30 minutes straight after he got off the bus yesterday without a breath. (I am still not sure where he gets his chattiness from...oh yes, now I remember... that was ME getting into trouble for talking in class). Thankfully he waits until he gets home to let it all out.
(If you don't know, before staying home with the kids I was a high school assistant principal, my son knows that I don't take it lightly if he were to get in trouble at school.)

We are really excited to be going to another DSG new parent breakfast on Saturday morning. We can't wait to see our friends and make new ones. It is so fun to see how much everyone has changed in the past few months since the last get together. We are truly thankful for this group that has welcomed us, educated us, supported us and helped us through this first year with Alayna. (If you haven't already joined our Step Up for Down Syndrome team please click on the link at the right).

After the breakfast we will be off to another soccer match with Aidan. He is excited to score some more goals...must be the British coming out in him!
We hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. Cheerio!

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Ria said...

Such a cutie! That's funny how she'll say dadada when you ask her to say mama. Matthew did the same. He's just now saying mamama - but still not in reference to me.