Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teacher's Pet

Having been in the school business several years before "retiring" to stay home and be entertained by my kids I had my share of experiences with "teacher's pets".
However, I believe my daughter at 4 months old has gone over the top...
Today, she showed her PT Erin (who we might add looks EXACTLY like Meryl Streep) that she could prop on her elbows, weight shift to one arm and reach for a toy all on her own. (Which was going to be her homework for the next few weeks). I want to know who gave my daughter the pt manual to read ahead of time?
Alayna then continued to show her that she doesn't have to do tummy time because she can easily roll and roll and roll right out of it no matter how many times you put her back (stinker!).
We were able to spend a little time with great grandma today after therapy. Alayna was too tired for a visit and just hung out on my shoulder and went to sleep.
The picture is just one of many featuring Alayna talking with her "yummy thumby" in her mouth. She doesn't suck on it but rather chews and chews and chews. It is such a fun toy and never seems to get away from her.

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