Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A great surprise

Daddy had the afternoon off WOO HOO! Alayna was super surprised when Jason drove in the driveway early.
It was such a beautiful day we headed straight out to the park.

On the way...

Alayna decided since it is warm and springy here now she is going to release her piggies every chance she gets...(come on you can sing with me, who let the pigs out who, who, who?)
Every time we get in the car off go the shoes and off go the socks and you can tell from her sweet little smile she is rather proud of herself. (Great milestone except when we are in a hurry!)

Alayna had a blast sliding, swinging and playing with daddy at the park.
Sometimes the smallest things are the biggest blessing. Today was a great surprise, thanks daddy!


Lori said...

Awesome! I love surprises like that =)
I am jealous...we have another day of rain before our sun gets here.

My name is Sarah said...

Ahhh that is so cute:) Good skills Alayna. One shoe on and one shoe off:)

Lacey said...

Will you please send some of that sunshine our way, our weather is making me crazy!