Saturday, December 17, 2011

Operation Underpants take 2

Last Christmas break we held operation underpants using the opportunity of being home for several weeks to transition Alayna from diapers into panties and she has been diaper free (during waking hours) ever since.

With Dariya waking me up at 3 am this week to use the potty and the girls having a 3 week break before heading back to preschool I have again taken up the operation in hopes of getting Dariya transitioned as well.

Dariya will let us know most of the time when she needs to use the toilet but, isn't always consistent about it.  She stays dry most mornings at home and at preschool when taken to the toilet a couple times.  So I think it is time to try big girl panties....

However, she is much more unpredictable than Alayna when toileting.  She can go and then I think we are good for a while and  20 minutes later she has an accident.

Alayna was thrilled with her big girl panties, hated to be put on the potty on a schedule and had very few accidents.  Dariya didn't seem to be overly thrilled with panties at first but I think she is getting the big girl idea.   She doesn't mind a schedule as long as it isn't too frequently and will attempt to go when you put her on.  She is able to go about an hour without an accident. So far so good only 1 accident in a couple days.

Wish us luck and feel free to say a potty training prayer for Miss Dariya (and for me)!


Stephanie said...

Oh you so know how I feel about this. I'm jealous... won't even try to hide it.

if you do ever land in RI, you know just what you'll be doing with Miss Em... while I play with the girls... haha

Lacey said...

Good luck my friend! Hopefully she'll catch on fast and do great!

Elisabeth said...

I hope everything goes well with potty training this Christmas break and you're done training by the time school starts in January! (Then you can come over here & show me what to do with Wesley!)

BTW, I am fascinated by everything you mentioned in a previous post about straw therapy. I really want to look into it. Is it something that can be done with one of our therapists or with training on their website, or would I need to find a workshop to go to?

Anonymous said...

I would love to get some tips for beginning to potty train Emily. She tells us she has to "potty" after she has just gone, we are just starting to put her on the potty before bathtime and she has gone a few times. How did you know they were really ready to start potty training for real?


Jill said...

Good luck! Rachel and Elijah are getting undies (well, I suppose for a boy they are underwear) in their stockings! So, we'll start after Christmas. I think Elijah will do ok w/ #1 as yesterday, he stayed dry for almost 24 hrs and asked to go today. First time that ever happened BEFORE he wet his diaper. Ummm...#2...SO not looking forward to that. I think Rachel will get it pretty quickly. We'll see...Keep us posted, ok?