Thursday, January 5, 2012

The break is OVER?

As Aidan journeys back to school today and the girls tomorrow and all the Christmas decorations packed away for another year I have to say that I am a little sad for the long break to be over.

We have completely enjoyed our time off together, have completed lots of crafts, had several play dates and played lots of games.   Aidan even said he would rather stay home from school until Monday because he has had such a good time.  =)

However, all three kids are excited to see their friends at school again.  Alayna has been looking at her classmates and teacher's pictures all week longingly as we keep counting down the days until she sees them again.

So what did we do with our three weeks off school?

We painted a little...

Even if it was on ourselves....

We had lots of extra jammie time and extra snuggle time.

We made pottery,  well ok if truth be known we spent HOURS creating pottery only to have one mother (who shall remain nameless) put her thumbnail through the side of Aidan's creation.  Oops...we gave up and will try again another day.  Thankful for my son being so forgiving!

We did lots of puzzles and fine motor activities to keep the girls in practice for school.
We love this new Melissa & Doug puzzle as it really works out those fingers
We played with our doll house and new toys

And some of us couldn't STOP playing with our old toys...she is seriously addicted to this ball popper which Alayna had stopped playing with long before Dariya arrived.  Thankful we didn't garage sale it.

I am one happy and blessed mama!  Hope your holidays were as blessed.


Elisabeth said...

It sounds like you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break. I've been eyeing that Melissa & Doug puzzle too. I just keep wondering if Wesley would actually be able to pop the pieces in or just get frustrated and give up.

Cammie Heflin said...

I hated going back this week too! Had too much fun just being a mommy! I'm coming up for the conference later this month, you going?

To Love Endlessly said...

looks and sounds like a wonderful holiday!! Love the painting on yourself shot...Marissa does a lot of that these days and sometimes on her brothers too.

Erin said...

So glad you all had a great break! Love the pictures they sure show what a loving and close family you all are!

Unknown said...

wonderful to see you all having fun xxxxx