Friday, May 11, 2012

How will you celebrate Mother's Day?

This is my first Mother's Day as a mom to 3  fabulous kids!

I am thrilled beyond words to have Dariya home with us but, I also have a twinge in my heart for her birth family that I know loves her and misses her.  I also can't help but to think of all the other orphans that we met just 10 months ago when we were in Ukraine, their little faces still etched in my memory every time I close my eyes.  Their little voices will forever ring in my ears, "I want my own mama and papa."

We are blessed to have a fabulous relationship with Dariya's birth dad and we know that if Ukraine had services for people with down syndrome Dariya would more than likely never have been taken to the orphanage or placed for adoption.

Her story is a little different than most orphans because even though she was placed at the baby house she wasn't "abandoned" at her diagnosis nor in the years after it.  She was loved and visited and cared for daily by one of her parents or her paternal grandparents or paternal great-grandmother.

I know this is the reason she has so easily bonded and fit into our family. Without a doubt, she knew the love of her birth family which has allowed her to easily accept our love and return it.

As I researched a little on Mother's Day, I was devastated to find out that consumers spend $16.3 BILLION on treating their mothers to a special day.

Now, I am in no way saying that my mother (nor yours) doesn't deserve a huge celebration  for putting up with raising all of us.

But, this massive amount of money goes against my Christ following, motherly instincts when I know that there is an estimated 163 MILLION orphans, alone in this world, no mother to call their own, no one to comfort them when they are sick, no one to tuck them in at night, no one to care for them or hold their hand as they die.

What if instead of Mother's day flowers or brunches people honored their mothers by donating to an orphan ministry like Reece's Rainbow or Amazima or Global Orphan Project?

What would that look like?

I honestly have no idea but the concept of  $16.3 Billion towards helping orphans find their forever families sure sounds better to me than some well intended flowers that will only wilt in a few days.
I will spend the weekend being very grateful for the blessing of my children and for the blessing of my own mother.

I pray that you will honor and celebrate your mother and somehow help orphans all at the same time.


EVELYN said...

I just read ur post and I'm ashamed to say that John and I sent flowers to my mom and he bought them for me. Although I spent the night before that crying over the children in Bulgaria it didn't cross my mind to donate instead. I have also been spending quite a bit preparing to bring the girls home. IE... Getting their rooms decorated, buying cribs, toys. Etc. You really made me think. I could probably pay for an adoption with the Starbucks coffee that I drink in a year! Thank you for this post and I will truly try to be a better steward of what God has given me!

Sara Bell said...

Happy Mother's Day to an amazing mother! You are so precious!!! Thanks for being a Godly and awesome mom!!!