Monday, May 28, 2012

So how'd it go?

As the boys have been in England since May 18th, the single most asked question has been, "how is it going?"
The girls overall have done fantastically.  It has actually been a good bonding experience for us.  Alayna usually opts for daddy whenever he is home and Dariya is a total mama's girl so this was good for the two girls to have share one parent.

We had lots of fun visiting the zoo...Dariya enjoyed visiting EVERY.SINGLE zoo bathroom she could find.  We celebrate that she made it through the day with a dry pull up!   I cut her off her potty breaks when she leaned in and licked the toilet seat.  Really, who does that? (I see a new IEP goal Juanita LOL)
We had a lunch play date with some fantastically sweet friends who welcomed the Cannon chaos over even though the girls were tired and hungry, just shy of total grumpiness.

 We played in the sprinkler!  I have one who loves to get wet even if the water is cold

 and one who would play in standing water all day but attach the hose to a sprinkler and you can't convince her to run through it.  This is as close as she got folks.
We had a great time attending church.  Very thankful to friends who helped me wrangle these two during the service.  Sometimes they are like chasing cats!

And just so you don't think our lives are all roses and happiness.  
Here is a middle of the week surprise for me.  
One morning both girls had to use the toilet so Dariya went upstairs (still had her night diaper on) she didn't make it to the toilet before she pooped but then scooted down the stairs to leave this lovely snail trail.  As I scooped her off to the shower I come back downstairs to find Alayna mopping the floor with the toilet brush that she had been dipping in the toilet that she had just used.  
Oh yes, we have our fun days too.

But, I wouldn't trade these two for anything in the world.
We are thankful that our boys will be home tonight!

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial weekend.
As we celebrate our boys homecoming we remember those who aren't coming home, who gave their lives for us. 


charity said...

looks like you had fun besides the poop incident lol.

ch said...

I'm laughing to the point of tears at the snail trail. I may not recover. Best. Mom. EVER.

Julie said...

I think I will be laughing soon at the snail trail but first I have to get over dry heaving at licking the toilet - ewwwww! Thank goodness they're adorable!

EN said...

Oh my, Rochelle. I can barely stand to change a diaper in a public restroom. I'm going to need you to coach me through potty training in a public restroom. Licking the toilet seat?! I'm going to have nightmares about that tonight - I just know it! LOL! Thanks for keeping us laughing.

Sarah Marie said...

oh yuck! hahhahahahha. Good times! bwahahahaaaha

Jill said...

Oh my goodness...I am laughing and crying about the snail trail!!! LOL SOO much funnier at your house than it would be at mine. :-)

Glad you survived and hope the boys got home safely. I'm sure they had a blast. Does Aidan come home with a British accent?

Kristen's mom said...

Oh that is so funny. You definitely deserve mommy of the year.