Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy 5th birthday. Dariya!

I am grateful that you are in our family.

You are one in a million with a giggle that is contagious and have been dubbed the "best hugger" around.
You have come so far in such a short time, there is no stopping to be found.

I think of where you could have been today instead and it makes my heart ache.  
A cold institution with no celebration, friends, presents or cake.

God blessed us all when he brought us together and changed our lives for the better.

May you know today and always how important you are.
We celebrate you as a princess by far.

A daughter, a sister, a cherished little girl
happiness now is out of this world.

Happy 5th birthday sweet Dariya,
We love you no end....


jody lynn said...

This is great. how long has your daughter been with you now?

Becca said...

5!!! Happy, happy birthday, beautiful girl!!! And I cringed when you reminded me of where orphans with special needs go when they turn 5. It's just so hard to imagine.

In Mama's Heart Blog (Kelly) said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! We love you!

Unknown said...

And a few more tears.. Just beautiful!!!!!!

Amy said...

We love you too! Happy "full hand" Birthday!
hugs from the Hinz family

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Dariya!!! Hope you have a great day!

I teared up thinking about where you might be right now had your awesome mama and papa not brought you home. You are a beautiful little girl with SO much potential.

(Ah, yes, I remember. 2/8, not 8/2. :-))

Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday Dariya!