Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eating through books, video to prove it

Two things I really wanted to teach my kids was a love for Jesus and a love for reading/great reading skills.

If you know Aidan you know that he is a voracious reader.  Reading through series after series many grade levels ahead in no time.  In fact, his night stand is littered with 8 books as I type that he is reading right now.  Seriously how does this kid do it?

When I was home preschooling him I tried everything to get him to be an early reader.  I thought for sure he would be reading well before he went to kindergarten.  He had all the basics and love for books, he knew his alphabet and kindergarten skills by the time he was 3 but he truly didn't take off reading until he was in school.

His sisters on the other hand have been working their way to catch up to him as fast as they can.  Both girls have been working hard this past year to learn how to read.  They have improved their sight word vocabularies enough to be able to read most pre primer type books.

Both girls love books and enjoying reading them to us.  I love having reading time and watching all of the kids park themselves on the couch with a good book.

Both girls were super excited when we went to the library over the weekend and picked out new books.  We found one early reader that they both could read and they were BEYOND excited!  Alayna wanted to take the book to my parents house to read it to them, so that is just what we did!

The below video is Alayna reading a Rigby level 5 reader (which is their equivalent to a kindergarten or early 1st grade reader).  Not bad for a 4 year old.

Here is Dariya reading one of her Learning Program books.  Not bad for a girl that spent her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage and didn't know how to open a book when we met her!

I know great reading skills will help my kids be more successful not only in school but also in life.

I pray that all of them continue in their love of reading and that the girls reading soars like Aidan's has over the years.


Sarah Marie said...

Great reading girls! Whoop!

Jamie Wooddell said...

That is GREAT! Zeb is working on his sight words too. So fun to watch them learn.

Jill said...

Great job girls!!! You are both amazing! :-) (I love how Alayna pushed Jason's hand away. Cute!)

Allison said...

These videos are amazing-- I love when Dariya said that the flashcard was upside down!

Absolutely eye-opening. Great job!

Jenna said...

This is fantastic! You and your husband have fabulous accents by the way.(: I loved how Dariya signed the words and they both were very independent about it!(:

Suzanne said...

Wow, Amazing work!!!

Elisabeth said...

Wow! Your girls are doing a fantastic job reading! It's amazing! I'd love to hear more of what you're doing to teach them how to read. I'd love to start working on these things with Wesley, but I don't even know where to start.