Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy 5th birthday, Alayna!

I can't believe the time has already come 
You are five, now let's have some fun.

A party with your family you will make
with a special Sid the Science kid birthday cake.

You are beautiful, smart, sassy and sweet
silly, funny, and can dance on the beat.

Our lives are much fuller with you
one of your jokes, or a laugh makes the day able to get through.

From the "hump day" advert you recite by heart
you have a way to make us laugh right from the start.

As I reflect on the years you have grown up until now
all I can say is you continue to amaze!

Alayna, we pray that God will continue to guide your life
making sure you don't have much strife.

Don't let the world or anyone hold you back
keep your eye on Jesus and he will guide your track.

May you know how much we love and adore
you are wished well this fifth birthday now go out and soar!

Happy birthday, Alayna Faith

We couldn't love you more xoxo

Mommy, Daddy, Aidan and Dariya

Here are a few pics from the party...
A doll as big as me! (Almost) 

My favorite....Uncle Ed
A cute outfit from Grandma & PopPop
Posing with my ice cream set

The grand finale....blowing out the candles on my Sid cake which I loved!


Becca said...

What a beautiful poem!!!! Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Alayna!! Oh, that smile...gets me every time. So sweet! :-)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Alayna!!!! Your smile blows me away! Beautiful words from your mama, too! RI sends big hugs and kisses!!!

Lori said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Alayna!! Hope it was a great one!!

EN said...

Gotta love us Libras :-) Happy Birthday, Alayna! You are a treasure.

Mrs. Lost said...

Happy Birthday Alayna!