Monday, December 2, 2013

New glasses...finally!

At the end of October the girls had their yearly ophthalmology appointment.  Both were given new prescriptions for glasses and we headed out to the optical places that are covered under our insurance to get new glasses.

Dariya's first pair of glasses were from Specs 4 Us. However, after she tossed those into the lake during family pictures we opted to try a regular pair of glasses.  Unfortunately, her bridge is so flat that the glasses kept sliding down her nose.  So this year I was determined to go back to Specs 4 Us to get both  girls glasses.

Sounds easy right?

Wrong!  In the whole metro area of optical places that take our insurance we found one that wouldn't even come near the girls, some that wouldn't order the frames for us even though they could do it on a customer approval and would be out no money, one place bent over backwards to order the frames in for us, try them on the girls and size them up only to figure out they don't take our insurance.   The lady there felt so bad for giving us the wrong information she personally contacted other opticians that were on our insurance and gave them the information on how they could order the frames (she had done ALL the work) and help us all to no avail.

It took us over 2 weeks and contacting Maria Dellapina, the creator of Specs 4 Us to have her help us find an optical shop that takes our insurance and would work with us to order what we wanted.  Maria went out of her way to contact a place here locally and explain how they could order the glasses and not be out any money.   Honestly, if she wouldn't have called they weren't going to order them.

It was a hassle that I hope we won't have to redo next year as we now have hopefully streamlined the process with the optician we used and they were delightful to work with once all was said and done.

But, I think the final outcome is beautiful!!!

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Jill said...

They look super cute! Sorry you had to go through so much hassle though. Looks like it was worth it though. :-)