Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How is kindergarten going?

The girls have been ready for kindergarten all summer.  

Of course, as a mom you worry (even for me who isn't typically a worrier) a bit over whether they will succeed in this new situation.

I am pleased to tell you that the girls have successfully made the transition and are thriving in their regular kindergarten class.  

They came home with "Purrfect" first day papers and have continued to have great days, minus one day where Dariya pushed Alayna and Alayna pushed someone else.  We quickly rebounded and are back on track.

They love their teachers and going to specials (computers, music, art, PE, and library) each day.

They are very tired even with just the half day in the afternoon.  Dariya is usually asking to go to bed during dinner each night. ;)

We pray that their year continues so well and that they make many new friends. 

Alayna usually talks about the names of everyone in class and so far all we have heard about is teacher names.  It is awesome that she has all those down so quickly but, I am praying for a nice friend for each girl to rise to the surface.

Feel free to throw a daily prayer their way.  Thanks!

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