Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kindergarten transition IEP success

I know to many folks with kids with special needs the mere mention of an IEP conference makes the hair on the back of their necks stand up, their stomach get queasy and their head pound.

For me it doesn't.  

Maybe it is my special education background.  I have been on the other end of the table so many times writing and discussing IEP's with parents and I know my intentions were always good.  I loved teaching and loved seeing kids soar.  

Or maybe it is my positive attitude that the girl's team wants the best for them.   They are great people who are in education to make a difference and we are blessed that they certainly have made a difference in our girl's lives.  We might not always agree on every detail but, I know they want the best for my kids and push them to do their very best just like we do.

Our conference went fabulously well as it always does.  I always bring a little treat, not because I have to, but because I used to be a special ed teacher and I know how much work goes into just the paperwork let alone working with my girls every day!   We began by showing the video I made and then stating our goals for the girl's lives.  The team loved the video!  I highly recommend making one for your own IEP conferences especially when transitioning to a new school.

The girl's case manager, Ms. Juanita always provides me a copy of the IEP the week before so I can review it.  I am a total visual learner so need to read it myself before the meeting to have input.  If your case manager doesn't provide this I would ask for one before your meetings.  I usually email her any questions/ comments/ additions or deletions I have so that those can be included in the IEP.

We were able to meet the girl's special educator and speech therapist for kindergarten as they joined us for the meeting.  We also are blessed with a down syndrome guild representative in our school district.  This is a teacher from our district who has attended the workshops provided by our guild so that they can be a down syndrome advocate and resource.  The district staff invited her and she was a great resource adding great tips and ideas for the girls like using peers more to motivate Alayna. 

The girls will probably be in the same kindergarten class.  We asked for half day, separate classes.  However, so many parents requested full day kindergarten that it looks like there will probably be only one section of half day kindergarten.  

They will each have 30 minutes of daily pullout special education instruction, speech 3 times a week, occupational and physical therapies 1 time each a week.  The rest of the time they will have push in services of either a special ed teacher or para being in their inclusion kindergarten class.  

We are excited and nervous for the beginning of elementary school for the girls.  The girls are ready and super excited.

We know that our girls are in great hands with excellent teachers and therapists.

Beyond blessed...

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rosedel said...

Did they like the video? I am so curious about that.