Monday, March 2, 2009

What is up with the weather?

If you have ever been to Kansas very long and didn't like the weather you should just stay a few more days because it will definitely change.

Last week it was up to 70 then on by the end of the week it dropped below freezing and snowed a bunch. Of course, Aidan was all excited about playing in the snow but, Alayna and I had been out several days last week walking and with the quick change in weather we both came down with sinus congestion.

The good news is that next week she will be 5 months old and until now we have dodged the illness bullet. She hasn't had as much as a runny nose all winter.

But, bless her heart on Saturday night she was so uncomfortable with a stuffy nose that she couldn't sleep. She would get into a good sleep then wake herself because she was congested.

Let me tell you I found out how good her lungs work in the middle of the night...when she saw me coming with the bulb syringe she wailed (even woke Jason up!) which is not her norm, usually she allows me to clear her nose as she lays still and coos and giggles at me. I guess after no sleep for hours I would be grumpy and want my nose left alone too. Needless to say she endured my suctioning and went back to sleep comfortably on me until 3 am. Then I gave in and found the Vick's baby rub and put some on her chest. Amazingly it worked and she slept much better until the morning. I continued with the baby rub all yesterday and she slept like a baby on Sunday night from 7:30 until 6 am this morning. She is still a little congested but it is much better. We are thankful that she doesn't have a fever and hopeful that she will be back to full strength in a day or two (just in time for the snow to melt and the 70's to hit again...) Only in Kansas...

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