Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Hero - the snake wrangler

I came downstairs after Alayna's nap to find a teeny, tiny ringneck snake (seriously smaller than an earthworm) in my kitchen.
Thankfully, my snake wrangler had it cleared out in no time.

Note: If you ONLY knew how afraid of snakes Jason is you would seriously be patting him on the back for this rescue!

Thanks honey!!!

2nd note : I won't tell you that he called 3 times before he got home to see if I had taken it out yet. (Giggle, giggle...)


Cathy said...

Ewwwwwwww...I think I would have to move!!!!

I love the video of Alayna waiting for her big brother to get home from school. So sweet!!

Kelly said...


Ria said...

yikess!! I don't like snakes either. My sis-in-law catches these same snakes in her garage with glue traps. She's been at it for a couple of years now and they just keep coming back/ reappearing with more babies. And trust me, she's not doing a catch-and-release with these slithery ones.