Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Our lives are blessed. We try to take time to notice all those wonderful things daily. Here are a few thankfuls from this week.

~A wonderful Labor day weekend with Jason & the kids. The weather was fantastic. We rode bikes, went to several parks, flew kites and played games. Doesn't get much better than that.

~A great start to piano lessons for Aidan, from our wonderful friend who just this fall began teaching lessons again.

~My parents made it back in town from their summer up north.

~A wonderful evening out for dinner with my sister, just the two of us. So thankful for time without interruptions to sit and visit.

~Today we celebrate 23 wonderful months with Alayna. I can't believe that she is one month from 2 years old.

~Sibling bond - Laundry basket rides that cause loads of giggles. (Just watch the first 10 seconds on the video).

What blessings do you have to share this week?


Stephanie said...

Love your thankfuls!!! let's see, I've got the same laundry basket, a little one who is going to be two in a month and a big brother, all the fixin's for a great ride! LOL

There's a lot of Dumplings turning two next month wish we could have one big party all together!!

Sara Bell said...

So I just laughed at your video, well the last part of it when you shut the video off as Aidan was throwing the laundry out! Love it! Happy Thursday! I think everyday is a blessing around here and I am blessed to know you and to watch your children grow, even if it is through blogging! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Erin said...

Fabulous! Love the first photo so nostalgic.