Monday, April 4, 2011

The Gathered Nest: She is worth it

I am re posting a new friend's blog post. 

Michael and Katie adopted a sweet little girl in 2009 from Ethiopia. Not long ago God led her to Reece's Rainbow and guess what?  They feel God tugging at them to adopt a child with down syndrome!  Not only that but a sweet girl who is 4 1/2 years old and scheduled immediately to be moved from the baby house to the institution.  They are still waiting on their taxes to be able to have the $2000 they need to commit and keep this child at the baby house!!!
Please help this family in anyway that you can:  please pray, hop over to their blog and donate via their chip in, and pass their blog on to others!
They have a giveaway going on now for a Daniel Miller pack of books.  Hurry and help them out.  I can't wait for this sweet girl to be coming home.  OOO and she is coming to the Midwest too!!!

Click on this link to go to their blog:  The Gathered Nest: She is worth it:

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Lacey said...

So many families are waiting on adoption tax credits to adopt again. And as someone in the middle of this mess, its not looking like its coming anytime soon! I hope they can raise the money to get this started!