Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We have an OFFICER!!!!! WOO HOOO

After waiting 48 days we finally have an officer with USCIS (immigration).  Thank you to all those who have continued to lift this adoption up for us.
Please pray that this lady processes our approval at lightening speed!  This is the last piece of paper we need to file our dossier with Dariya's country.  Once we file, they will translate it (2-3 weeks) and sent it to the SDA for a court date (which will be about a month after the submission).  We will then be given our court date and make travel arrangements.  Can you believe it?  ACK  so excited!!!!
This paper pregnancy is going super fast!

Now here is a pic and video of some fun.  Won't Dariya look cute rolling around with Alayna?

One of Aidan's birthday presents was this trampoline. (YES, we are SO thankful for Craigslist and the sweet family who all but gave it to us).   Their next door neighbor has down syndrome and when he and Jason got to talking about our adoption, he even offered to come help Jason set it up in our backyard.  Sweet, there are nice strangers still left in the world.
It is way bigger than we thought (ok really our yard is way smaller than we thought).  But, the kids love it all the same.  Alayna was rolling around over and over again on it so I went and grabbed the camera.
Yes, we are going to buy a safety net but, we couldn't resist letting them have some fun on it.


Stephanie said...

AWW so cute! Your PT must love you. Constant workout for Miss A!

And WOOHOO for YOU!!! Little Miss D. will be home in no time!!! I was reading your post to Peter and trying not to be a dork and cry!

The Annessa Family said...

Wonderful news!!!

Brooke Annessa

Kim said...

Yea! Finally! You're right, this has gone by super fast...and I know that Dariya will be worth the wait. I am so excited for you all!

Cathy said...

Oh yay!!!! Congratulations. You are going to be traveling before you know it.

Love the video! You are much braver than I am. I would be freaking out that Lily would fall off.

Elisabeth said...

Praise the Lord! What wonderful news! And what an awesome gift for Aidan. Looks like your kids are already loving it.

Runningmama said...

Oh, I love the video and that static in Alayna's hair :-) I can't believe how close you are to bringing home another baby girl! I am so excited for your family.

Ria said...

That trampoline looks like so much fun and yes, I can already picture Dariya rolling around on it with her siblings! You're so close to having her in your arms, I'm so excited for you!!

junglemama said...

Congrats! That is amazing!