Friday, September 30, 2011

I made a friend

I was volunteering in Dariya's preschool class on Tuesday and a parent of one of the typical little girls in D's class stopped me and asked if I was Dariya's mom.

This parent went on to tell me that her daughter LOVES Dariya and talks about her everyday and is excited to go to school to see and play with Dariya.   

Now mind you Dariya plays well with kids just as she did at the orphanage but, she doesn't seek kids out to interact or play with like Alayna does.

I witnessed this sweet little girl talking to Dariya and getting Dariya to participate in dancing during music class.  "Come on Dariya, let's Dance"  Oh be still my mama heart!  My girl who has only been here in the country for 2 1/2  months is liked and has a friend.

You can't imagine my joy in watching this interaction and hearing this news.  I was so thankful that this parent shared this with me.   

We all want our kids to have friends and be a good friend but as a parent of children with special needs, Jason and I pray that our girls fit in well, make friends easily and use their God given talents and strengths to reach their highest potential.

Now to transfer this friend making skill to the school district and get her interacting with her classmates there.
Oh, how I love her!

If you are joining us for the Step Up for Down Syndrome on Oct 29th and want a T shirt with our team name on it -  "All for one 21 for all...the Cannon and Heigele families "you must register by TODAY (Sept 30th). Click the link above to be taken to our page!  See you at the walk.


Stephanie said...

beautiful words to read this morning!!!! And bless that little one who has become her friend. Maybe when she grows up she will adopt! :))

The Annessa Family said...

Thats just awesome news! SO SO happy for BOTH of the girls to learn and grow together!


Becca said...

WONDERFUL! I love hearing about these interactions - just warms my heart. I think people (parents/educators) are starting to realize how much EVERYONE benefits from inclusive classroom settings. "Typical" kids learn acceptance, compassion and leadership. Love it!!!

And who *wouldn't* want to play with those two beautiful little girls of yours?!

Sarah Marie said...

What a great day! I'm sure that your cup is overflowing.. Thanks for the buddy walk reminder! I just signed us all up..

Emily said...

My daughter doesn't seek out playmates either. So thankful for the little hearts that seek out our girls as friends! They are so precious!

EN said...

Get ready: people will forever be drawn to her and she will enrich every life she touches! It's beautiful!

Elisabeth said...

How very exciting! What a joy to watch another little girl see how delightful Dariya is and want to be her friend. I pray that her & Alayna's transition to the school district will include dear friends for both of them!