Friday, September 23, 2011


Juanita, do you know this look????? Picture is from May 2010
Last week, Juanita (the girl's preschool teacher at the school district) called to tell me that Alayna wasn't participating in their class.  Not during story time, music time, craft time or playing on the playground!  Every time she saw Juanita Alayna would cover up her eyes.

Juanita was concerned that Alayna's goals would be way under where she is performing due to her not showing them anything.  As Alayna is excelling at her preschool class at the LeeAnn Britain IDC center I requested that Juanita observe her there to get an accurate place to start with her IEP goals. 

Juanita sweetly obliged and came to visit the girls yesterday at IDC.  Alayna was in circle time participating UNTIL she saw me then she double took and saw Juanita and immediately her hands went over her eyes.  Stinker!  We are trying to dispel the myth that people with down syndrome are always happy and totally compliant.  LOL

One of the therapist did her best to keep Alayna from noticing Juanita but, she definitely shut down and did not participate like she usually does.  When it was time for music Juanita and I watched from the observation window and Alayna popped back to her normal self, singing, dancing and participating with ease.

We are going to try to outsmart Alayna and video tape her in class at IDC next week so that the school staff has an accurate view of who she is and what she can do. 

We are prayerful that in a couple weeks when Alayna turns 3 and is only at the school district that she will be comfortable and blossom like she has at IDC.

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Also,  please visit the Fristoe's and pray, donate & share just $10 to their iPad2 & iPod touch giveaway.  They are still needing about $15,000 to bring her home.


Becca said...

LOL - love the hands over the eyes! Samantha just recently started doing that, and while it's baffling, I guess it's just a "you can't see me now" thing and allows them to feel a bit more in control of their surroundings. Oh, wow, I didn't realize that she wasn't even 3 yet! She looks like such a big girl!!! :-)

Sarah Marie said...

LOL that is funny, but not funny ha ha.. what a stinker! She is too smart for her own good.

The Annessa Family said...

Too cute!


Rachel said...

Aubrey was a little stubborn too. In the end, they said that we would stick with the information that we had and if she meets goals right's ok, we would have an ard in 2 months and set new goals. Don't stress too's just paper. YOU know what she can do and she WILL learn in school.

Jaclyn M said...

I saw your family on RR, and saw that you were bringing (or ad just brought) your child home. I am so happy to see you that you have been able to bring your child home!!!

I am just starting a RR journey myself.