Friday, November 4, 2011

Ear tubes are done

Dariya had ear tubes placed this morning and was home within 45 minutes of the surgery.  The doctor looked at her adenoids but, didn't think they were enlarged enough to warrant removal.
I can definitely tell Dariya is hearing better as every door creaking or quiet voice in the recovery room woke her up.
They whisked her away and back so quickly I didn't even have time to snap a picture.  They let her drive back to surgery in a little tykes car and she was happily waving goodbye.
She is really tired and sleeping now.  Praying that after she sleeps off the anesthetic she will be good as new!
Thanks for the prayers!  Sorry for no pics of Dariya, but stay tuned the amazing Sophia from Soma photography is taking family pics of us tomorrow so I will post those asap!

Thankful Dariya isn't a sweets eater otherwise she would be SUPER jealous of what her sister enjoyed today at preschool! (Thanks Ms. Juanita for the great pic of our girl!)  Alayna is finally starting to talk at preschool!  YAY!

Cupcakes are the BOMB!

Have a great weekend.


Sarah Marie said...

Keep us upated... Praying for miss D

Stephanie said...

Glad everything went so well, and quick!

Runningmama said...

So glad things went well with Dariya's surgery, 45 minutes if super quick! Love the picture of Alayna!

Emily said...

What a trooper, Dariya!
Why does Alayna need to talk? Seems like she has everything she wants in that picture ;) Cutie pie. Good work!

Heather said...

Well, it sure has been a crazy week your house, hasn't it? Hope all of you have a peaceful,healing weekend.