Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Slow start to Halloween

I have to admit that Halloween is my least favorite "holiday" and I do use that term loosely.  Never really enjoyed it even as a kid.  My husband on the other hand is my antithesis.  He would dress up in a costume daily if UPS would allow.
So when we spent the days before in the hospital and came home Saturday I thought that we could possibly pull Halloween together still.   We hadn't carved pumpkins, decorated or gotten all the costumes together yet.
Middle of the night Saturday Jason woke up with some kind of stomach bug that knocked him down until late Monday afternoon.  We missed church on Sunday because I didn't want to take Alayna.

Alayna woke up on Monday and didn't have the energy to go to preschool, missing their parade and party.  So she and daddy hung out on the couch while I went and watched Dariya march around.  Poor girl had that look like, "what in the world have you people done to me?"  As soon as the parade was over and she hit the classroom door her costume was off and she was ready for snack time. 

Dariya chose pretzels while all the other kids enjoyed mounds of sugary sweets. 
Alayna had a nap and was much better, not coughing during the day or night at all just first thing in the morning when she wakes up.

After Aidan got home, Jason was feeling better so they carved pumpkins and we had a bit of dinner before heading out.  We took the girls to 10 houses and Aidan went out with a couple of friends and their mothers. 
On the first house Dariya was going to walk on in when they opened the door.  Haha.  Thankfully Janette had her camera ready and took a cute pic for us. 
The next house Dariya put the candy back our neighbor's bowl.  Even funnier. 
But, by the third neighbors house she figured it out that they were giving her something and she readily chose one treat from the rest of the houses and was happy.  By the 10th house she was tired as she decided to skip her nap so we went home.  She went straight to sleep but, Alayna stayed up another 30 minutes helping daddy hand out candy.  She would see kids coming and start dancing around at the front door.  Super cute.
Thanks Janette for the great pic!
Overall, I would say our Halloween was a success.  The kids had fun and we had a blast watching them enjoy the evening.
LOVE Aidan's smile as he squeezes both sisters.


ch said...

So happy to see them enjoying Halloween! Poor Jason!!!!! I think I know that middle of the night visitor. AAACK. Hopefully everyone's on the mend and germie free for a good long stretch. xxoxoxo

Heather said...

And you came to my blog and saw how much i LOVE Halloween ... too funny!

Glad everyone is on the mend, especially sweet Alayna.

Rachel said...

So glad to hear that Alayna is feeling better and felt up to festivities!

Becca said...

I'm so glad they were both able to go out!! They are soooooo adorable! Love that Dariya was trying to put the candy back in the bowl...LOL :-)

Emily said...

Alayna looks GREAT! Way to bounce back!