Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day: A reason to celebrate!!!!

When parents learn that their child has down syndrome whether prenatally or at birth the news isn't usually cause for celebration.  

However, those same parents when they stop worrying about the "what ifs and what might be's" and enjoy their child as the wonderful creation God blessed them with they soon learn that down syndrome does not define their child nor restrict their child from living a full and fabulous life.

It truly is a reason to celebrate.

With the new prenatal, blood screening for down syndrome my fear is that one day there will be no more children born with down syndrome. 

For my girls this means lack of services &  no connection to other families or individuals with ds.

Today marks the 7th year that World Down Syndrome has been celebrated on 3/21.  

This date was chosen as people with down syndrome have triplicate of the 21st chromosome.

Even the United Nations is recognizing today as WDSD!!!!

We love our girls and their extra chromosome and shout it from the rooftops.

We are blessed.

We hope you will join us in our celebration today and take our challenge to tell at least ONE person you meet today about down syndrome and how my girls (or your own child/grandchild/cousin/aunt/uncle whomever has ds in your life) have positively touched your life.

Advocacy at its best!

Please leave us a comment and let us know who you shared with today!


Sarah Marie said...

I have shared with three co-workers today! Miss you guys! hope to see you soon

Becca said...

Happy WDSD, Rochelle!!! :-)

Runningmama said...

Happy WDSD! I love the girls outfits :-)

Kim said...

Two of my favorite girls to celebrate! And I celebrate their mama, who sets such an amazing example for those who follow behind you. Thank you and your sweet girls for giving us so much hope and encouragement for our own little love. xoxo


Heather said...

The day is almost done but needed to stop by and tell you how doubly blessed you are to have those little loves in your house that sport that magic chromosome!!

Love from California.

MJStump said...

We wore our shirts from the walk and donated to the DSG through Kylie's school :)

Unknown said...

Hi!! I too wrote a post celebrating World Down Syndrome Day! What a great day it was! So happy to have found your blog! What a wonderful family you have! Katie