Friday, March 30, 2012

Abandoned and rejected: one final hurdle

In September, I posted Abandoned and rejected introducing you to Clare and her soon to be family, the Fristoes who live right here in Kansas City.  In September they still needed $16,000 to bring Clare home and were furiously working on paperwork to get everything completed.
Clare knows her family is coming.  Here she is opening her care package from them.
Do you think she is thrilled to be getting a family or what?

Six months later they have everything completed and have travel news!

They will be picking Clare up in less than 8 weeks!  

However, due to the delays from immigration they are going to be traveling when airline prices are more expensive so they are short $3500.

They are holding an iPad2 giveaway (with some other things like a iTunes $50 giftcard) for only $5 an entry and yes they are tax deductible through Reece's Rainbow.

This giveaway ends next Friday April 6th (Good Friday) at midnight.  I am begging for these sweet people as they have struggled and scrimped to raise all the funds for this adoption.  Help them make their Easter celebration an even more joyous one.

Clare will be blessed to be home in this family, I can't wait to meet her and see her blossom.

Please go over to their blog today and help them out: pray, donate, share on FB, Twitter, blogs etc.

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