Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthdays and musicals

This week has been a super busy week here.  
We celebrated this cute boy turning 10 by taking a few of his buddies to play laser tag then we had our 
family over for cake and ice cream.  

Alayna LOVES her Uncle Ed

Tuesday night was Aidan's 4th grade choir musical.  They did a great show about the Old West.  I think he was the cutest cowboy ever but, I may be a little biased.
 The girls really enjoyed the show!
Special thanks to Grace Jubber for helping us get the perfect cowboy look!


rosedel said...

Definitely the cutest cowboy ever!

Heather said...

Hello my friend. I am still here. Promise. Feel as if I am resurfacing a bit. Taking a breath finally. Missing my blogging friends and keeping up with their lives.

The kids are just growing up so fast Rochelle. I mean really. Where does the time go?

And you. You are always near to my heart. Think of you often and sending love and prayers as you soldier on through your days.