Friday, April 12, 2013

Eye patch struggles

We had a great run the first few weeks of Alayna leaving her eye patch on during the 5-6 hours each morning she is supposed to wear it.  But, lately she has taken it off,  or instructed her sister to do the dirty work, numerous times each morning while at home.  She is leaving it on during preschool but taking it off on the bus ride home.

So today before she left for school we pumped her up and offered a reward (not really knowing what that reward might be) for leaving her eye patch on "like a big girl" until MOMMY took it off.  So when she got off the bus today with her eye patch on AND her socks and shoes still on.

We celebrated.

I did a happy dance, Daddy did a happy dance when he came home for lunch and then Alayna told him to give her a kiss "on the lips."  So that it just what daddy did.  One big kiss right on the lips and she was a happy girl.

Rewards come in small packages around here folks.

Hopefully it will motivate her for a while!

Pucker up Dad!

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Rochelle said...

small packages from the UPS guy lol