Sunday, May 26, 2013

Field day fun 2013

The kids ended their school year this past week with field days.  All three kids had a blast and talked about field day long after it was gone.
Aidan's field day was a beautifully sunny, warm day.  I unfortunately had a doctor's appointment so couldn't attend and get any pics of him.
The girls field day was a chilly and overcast day.  This mama didn't dress her kids nor herself warm enough.  Thankfully after about an hour they felt sorry for the bald girl and moved the fun inside;)!

Both girls loved the water relay...I was shivering just watching them!
 The egg relay was a huge hit also.  Thankful for wooden eggs.

 Ms. Liz took on Alayna in the egg relay and you could hear Alayna giggling all the way down the field.

Alayna didn't waste the cold day opportunity for a little extra snuggle time with her Ms. Juanita! ♥♥♥
 Inside they had scooter board races, trike races and the ever popular bean bag toss (or hand grenade toss if you are Dariya!)

She has the peddling, now if we can just get her to look up and watch where she is going!
Thanks ladies for a fabulous year!  We love you all and appreciate all you do for our kids!


Kim said...

Please have D come here and teach Katie how to ride a bicycle!

Jill said...

:-) Looks like the girls had lots of fun! It's nice you are out so early and can enjoy the start of summer together. (We're still waiting for summer here. 55 deg at the moment. Brr!)

Anyway, way to go Dariya on the peddling! Elijah has been slow to master that skill. He'll get there though!