Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring sickies

Thankfully we have all been pretty healthy this winter with no major bugs hitting us.  However, with the great back and forth weather we have been having...80 one day then 32 the next it is no wonder that Alayna started acting a little funny a few weeks ago.  Her teacher recognized something was up, she wasn't acting like herself but she had no sickness symptoms.

Missing school for a week was no fun but, helping make
daddy's birthday cake made her feel much better!
But, that quickly changed 2 weeks ago.  She started with a slight cough which by the weekend became a full blown can't stop coughing especially at night thing.  Last Sunday she added in a 103 fever to it and my sweet hubby took off work to take her to the doctor as my blood counts were really low from the previous week's chemo so we didn't want me catching anything from the "healthy" folks at the doctors office.

They didn't do a strep test because they quickly diagnosed her with an upper respiratory infection and prescribed antibiotics that would also treat strep.  I think she had both.

We went 5 straight nights with only a couple of hours of sleep and trust me this girl was WIPED OUT!  Chemo one week and no sleeping child the next makes for one grumpy old me!

Thankfully after a couple days on the antibiotic she started to slowly perk back up.  However, her endurance  had taken a huge hit.  She would play for about 20 minutes then be wiped out.   I was worried that she had bronchiolitis again and we would end up at the hospital   She missed all week of preschool but her cough is almost gone and she is perking around almost like her normal self again.

It is always amazing to me how fast they can go downhill and how long it takes them to bounce back.

Unfortunately, Friday Dariya came home from school with the same sounding cough as her sister so we called the doctor and got her on antibiotics as well.

Both girls are sleeping better and feeling better.  Alayna was thrilled to be able to go to church and dance again today and to go to school tomorrow.

Hopefully that will be our spring sickness and we will all remain healthy.


Jill said...

UGH!!! So sorry! Praying you can all get some rest and healing!

Heather said...

You know, if I lived closer, Id be there in a second to lend a hand.

Worry about you. Can't have you getting sick. Hoping and praying that the nice spring weather comes to stay soon.

Love to you and your beautiful crew.

Elisabeth said...

Oh dear! I'm glad your girls are on the mend now.