Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick catch up

Like everyone, we are crazy busy with no signs of slowing down. Here is a quick overview of what we have been up to lately.

Aidan has been back to school for a month and really enjoying 2nd grade. I am volunteering in his class every other week and it is such fun to meet his classmates and work with them.

He began piano lessons last week with our dear friend, Ms. Nancy. After one lesson he was sure he would never get it and ready to give up. But, after last night's lesson he came home playing a song and was so excited to show daddy (too bad Alayna was asleep so he had to wait until this morning). His little fingers are so ready to hit that piano every afternoon when he gets home from school. YEAH!
He is also back on the soccer pitch and ready for a new season with his team the strikers. Here is a little clip of him making a break away. He is having a blast playing and learning that you win some and you lose some and all that is important is you give it your best.

How can you go wrong with this little cutie cheering you on?

Alayna is doing great with her therapies and classes. It is so much fun to see all the new things she is learning each day.
She & I are excited to start back to BSF tomorrow morning for this year. We are studying the book of Isaiah. If you are interested, these studies are all over the world follow the link to find one in your area.


Kelly said...

Wow! I guess you ARE crazy busy too!! So happy to hear that Aiden is enjoying school and all the extracurricular activities=) And that sure is one cute little cheerleader!! Thanks for the catch-up!!!

Jessica said...

I just got the Connections magazine for Sept/Oct and Alayna and her brother are on the back!! I am a friend of Courtney Heigele and will be walking later in the month with your team. They look so cute!

Beth said...

BSF? Sophia dose that on Monday nights with her grandma. She has been doing it since she was 3 years old and LOVES it.

Beth said...

oh yea glad to hear Adian is doing well in school and Alayna is doing well also.

To Love Endlessly said...

crazy busy, but sounds (and looks) so rewarding. :-)

Lori said...

And here I thought that after the kids were back in school that I would have so much more time...but instead we are just busier. BUT -- the fighting has decreased significantly -- so my sanity is returning.
Oh, and please take a video of Aiden's piano playing!