Sunday, October 24, 2010

Individual Quality time...

Aidan was out of school on Thursday and Friday due to parent teacher conferences. As Jason was on vacation this week too it allowed us to split up and have quality time alone with each one of the kids.

On Thursday, I took Alayna to her individual therapies and had some mommy time with just her.

Aidan had requested to volunteer at one of the local homeless shelters, so he and Jason got up and headed out after breakfast to serve.

They had a great time, they cleaned out a donation closet and organized the supplies that were donated. They were able to go out and have lunch together and later that evening they still had the energy to have yet another fun kickball game with the neighborhood kids.

On Friday, it was my turn for time with Aidan. Jason took Alayna to her toddler class while Aidan and I made a quick stop at the library for new books then off to Union Station and Science City for a day of fun.

It is an amazing hands on science museum.

We nearly opened and closed the place and were both exhausted when we got home. It was a great day!

I know that both the kids as well as us enjoyed their personal time alone with each of us. We will definitely have to do that more often.


To Love Endlessly said...

what a GREAT idea! I bet you each enjoyed that alone time with one another. I love the idea of volunteering, what a great way to interact with your kids and help others! We were wanting to go to our science center this weekend too, but my body just can't handle a whole day out. It'll have to wait until the boys get a lil older.

Lacey said...

Taking him to the homeless shelter is a great idea! I need to do that with my boys!

Heather said...

The picture of Aidan at the science center with his head "on" the table,cracked me up!

Glad you were able to squeeze in some individual time.We struggle to get that done around here.Just doesn't happen often with a family our size!

Stephanie said...

AWW, that is so important to kids. Nothing beats that one on one time with mom and dad. My kids are all in need of that right now! and so am I. Looks like it was a perfect weekend, i'm glad for you!!!

Ria said...

Aidan sure is sweet and thoughtful. At his age, I would've never requested to volunteer at a homeless shelter. What a great example he is setting! And how wonderful to spend one on one time with each kid. Bill and I will have to do that too sometime.

Lori said...

So great to have that opportunity for individual time. It is hard to come by here -- but so worth it! Glad you had a lot of fun!