Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Potty training 101: progress

This summer we introduced Alayna to potty training and she took to it very well. (Click here to read how we started).

After a few months of slowly adding potty time into our schedule she has made great progress.

  • She is signing potty each time we put her on the toilet.

  • She is signing potty each time before she is ready to make a bm (we always hurry and get her on the potty, yeah for not having to change poopy diapers!)
  • She is recognizing that she can control her bowels (not that she always does sometimes she signs potty when she is peeing in her diaper but, she has the awareness.
  • She is beginning to sign potty before needing to pee. For example, after toddler class last week we were putting our swimsuits on to go into the pool and she had a dry diaper she then signed potty and peed in the potty. Again, after church yesterday she signed potty and I took her to the toilet, she had a dry diaper and completed the job on the potty.

We will continue to add potty time into Alayna's daily routine. Our next steps are including the self help portion of helping pull up her pants and wash and dry her hands afterwards trying to practice the whole routine.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Are you working with your toddler on potty training? How is it going?


Heather said...

Slow and steady ... the story of Miss Zoey's life!

Way to do Alayna.You will master the entire process before you know it!

We continue to do he potty training as well.Slow going indeed with her stroke limitations but I have to believe she will one day grasp the entire concept.She has yet to prove me wrong with that amazing resiliency of hers!

Cathy said...

Guess I better get started on that...

To Love Endlessly said...

We have been doing a potty schedule which started out great, but then M & I both got sick last week (on Thursday) and we haven't had a single pee in the pot sine then. I think we might need to add a song into the mix.

Sure sounds like Alayna is doing fantastic! I also like how you started with practicing with a baby doll.

ch said...

Way to go, LaynaLoo! I think Miss Freakishly High Sensory Input Requirement will probably have potty training on the backburner a bit. So, it will be super to have the Alayna Tutorial to follow when the time comes around! :0)

Kelly said...

Woo Hoo, way to go Alayna!! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I do sit Landon on his potty (with clothes on) right now, just so he gets familiar with it. I sign potty to him every time I sit him on it (no luck signing back, yet)!! He doesn't seem to mind the potty, but he loves to open & clothes the cover=) Progression to the next stage will start soon!!