Monday, April 18, 2011

Soccer...and a quick catch up

I feel like time is flying by and even though we are plenty busy with stuff going on I never take the time to sit down and blog about it.

Aidan's soccer season began at the end of March.  However, this is the only picture I got from the first game (it was too cold!)  I know bad mom, take a picture of the cute freezing toddler and totally miss the action of the game.  I seriously took this before the game started, put my camera up and snuggled with Alayna the whole game trying to keep her myself warm!
All his other games have fallen during Alayna's nap time so I haven't gotten to attend many. 

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day and I was able to watch my boy play soccer.  Yesterday he had some great tackles and plays.  They won 4-2. 

We are still in a holding pattern on the adoption, waiting to be assigned an officer for USCIS (immigration), once we receive our immigration approval we can file our dossier (all our paperwork) with Dariya's country.  Then they will give us a date for court.  So for now with everything done we pray and wait for our approval to come quickly.

Alayna had a blast helping Jason mow the lawn.
Alayna is walking everywhere now.  Amazing how nearly a year ago she was getting up in the middle of the floor into standing by herself but it has taken her 11 months to get the skills (and mainly confidence) to walk all the time.  She walks across the backyard to our play set or playhouse like it is no big deal.  

We are spending everyday outside and enjoying all the beauty of nature (minus the kid's seasonal allergies).   

I think as the end of the school year gets closer more things pop into our Aidan's 8th birthday (seriously how did that happen?), Alayna's  (& Dariya's) transition to preschool (they will go in the fall but, we will do the paperwork in a couple weeks), our All for Dariya fundraiser on May 14th, and Jason's brother and sister in law coming to visit from England.

Hope you are enjoying spring and your calendar is packed full of fun too!


Elisabeth said...

I am praying that you will be assigned an immigration officer soon, and that in the mean time the Lord will help you to trust His perfect timing in all of this.

Heather said...

Can I tell you just how much I love that picture of Alayna mowing the lawn with her dad... jsut precious!

Prayers continue as you continue your journey towards bring Dariya home ... cannot believe how close it is actually getting!

Lacey said...

Have they given you a reason why you dont have an officer yet? I've never heard of this problem. Come on people, there's a little girl to be rescued!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh.. the mowing picture. How cute!

Cheryl said...

Great pictures! Praying for everything to move along quickly with your adoption.I think you are awesome for adopting.