Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adoption is easy right?

If anyone tells you adoption is an easy road, I would freely call them a fabricator.  Even me who tries to always see the positive in things sometimes gets halted in my tracks.
The rush to get things done then the waiting for court dates, travel dates, submission dates, the mountains of paperwork, the enormous amounts of money, the stress, the questions. 

I sit here today and wait for news on whether we will be submitted to court tomorrow. I see all our plans for our final, huge fundraiser golf tournament and dinner/silent auction this Saturday.   We lack about $7500 to be fully funded.

I see the chance of rain being pushed from the middle of the week to closer to the weekend when we have our golf tournament scheduled.  I see friends that were coming to our dinner now have other plans and have canceled their rsvp.  I see other friends that think we are completely nuts (who deserted us after we had Alayna or have dwindled along the road in the past 2 years). I see an rsvp  list for our dinner much smaller than those who "said" they were coming.

My heart is saddened, I could continue to look at the negative but, if you have known me long you know I choose otherwise. 

I choose to rely on God, I choose to have faith that He DID call us to adopt Dariya and that he will provide the way.  The negatives are from satan and I will not let him have any power over me.

So instead, I see God's hand completely guiding this adoption. I choose to see awesome people who have volunteered, met, planned and are carrying out this fundraiser seamlessly.  I see many people (some I have never met) coming to serve at our dinner for our daughter and I am humbled. 

I see nearly 50 silent auction items that have been donated because of the awesome work our team has done on the graphics (Heather you are amazing) and talking to businesses Kelly (you are unstoppable).  I see 36 golfers who are going to hang out with us on Saturday afternoon not just to enjoy a round of golf but, to help us bring our daughter home. 

I see musicians who are giving their time and talent to come and entertain during the dinner, I see people give deep not out of need for thank you from us but, out of their sheer love for us and desire to be the hands of Christ on our mission.

I see am amazing community of Christ followers via Reece's Rainbow and have made friends that will last a lifetime.

I see this face and I know with all my heart that I am her momma.  I WILL obey God's call for our lives with a joyful heart.
You see nowhere in the Bible does God say,"I will make your life easy" or "I will take care of everything, you will have no troubles"  instead he burdens our hearts for what burdens his and then he provides us the means to accomplish His mission and grow closer to him as we walk with him.


Patti said...

I love your faith and perseverance! I am praying for you, friend. God will move mountains for you!

Mel said...

Hang in there Rochelle!! Praying for you!!

Molly said...

Adoption is not easy. It only gets harder. But worth it? Oh yes.

ch said...

Justin's clubs are ready and we're anxious to join you at the dinner! Adoption's not easy? I am sitting in a state of shock. ;0)

Stephanie said...

Keep on keeping on my friend! That Dumpling is coming!!!!
Praying, praying , praying here for a successful fund raiser and plenty of sunshine !!!!!
Praying and waiting for the post entitled "Fully Funded"!

The Annessa Family said...

LOVE your heart. God will provide, He always does:) Praying!

Brooke Annessa

Renee said...

The ones that do attend, the ones who are standing beside you right now, are the ones that God has surrounded you with for a reason. I firmly believe God puts the people that we need in our lives when we need them. And I am so glad He allowed our paths, our hearts, to cross.

Love you,

Lacey said...

Adoption is definitely not for the feint of heart! Even I am having trouble now, 7 months after she came home. We only raised about 4,000 all together in our fundraisers, so we paid for the majority out of our own pockets. I keep telling Ray that we adopted at the wrong time, because people are raising money like crazy with a single fundraiser. Now we sit, on the verge of a financial breakdown waiting for our adoption reimbursement! Did we do the right thing? I look at Arina and know we did, but its still hard!
Praying you get submitted tomorrow. And you can begin the next part, the traveling!

Heather said...

Sending love to your sad but ever faith filled heart, as your journey edges ever closer to your beautiful daughter.

Deb said...

Praying that all goes well this weekend. We wish we couldbe there and lift you up.

Cathy said...

I've been praying and will continue to do so. I know that you are following the Lord's command and HE will provide. She's so close...I can almost picture your arms around her. I'm so waiting for that beautiful photo...brings tears to my eyes thinking of you holding her for the very first time. Much love!!!

Erin said...

You are so strong! It can not be easy with your heart aching to have your little girl home with you. I'll be praying for sunshine and a better then expected turn out. Hugs!

Elisabeth said...

Rochelle, as I read this post I kept thinking of the verse in John that says, "In this world you will have troubles. But take heart; I have overcome the world." I am so thankful that even when things are not easy, God provides for us and gives us the grace to do what He has called us to do.

Praying for you.